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JE Engineering Land Rover Defender Zulu² full throttle Landy with 480 PS

JE Engineering
JE Engineering Land Rover Defender Zulu²
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J E Engineering is one for Land Rover fans Institution like Brabus or Abt. The company has been making V8s since 1975, initially for Rover cars and later for Land Rover SUVs. The nobility hit on the part of the manufacturer came in the 1980s, when JE was allowed to build the engines for the Dakar racers; later, Land Rover even bought the rights to the production of the 'drilled out' 4.2-liter engine from the JE specialists.

Land Rover Defender Zulu²

While one was initially still on limited the Range Rover, which was already equipped with V8 petrol engines, JE Engineering later also took care of upgrading the Defender with eight cylinders. In the meantime, of course, they have long since abandoned the old Rover V8 and installed the modern machines from the current Jaguar Land Rover range.

And there is currently something new to report: the Zulu² is coming. The current ultimate performance level in the JE program operates under the name Zulu, a 4.2 liter supercharged V8 with 480 hp, with which the earlier Defender TD5 can be upgraded to fun curve scratching.

JE Engineering delivers up to 500 PS

The now announced Land Rover Defender Zulu² will be based on the current series. In addition to the 480 PS engine (up to 500 at the customer's request), which is managed by a six-speed automatic, there are of course appropriate upgrades to tires, brakes and chassis so that the Defender does not mutate into an unknown flying object in the first corner.

JE Engineering wants to build 25 pieces of the Zulu², whereby the customers can freely decide which version they want to give the kick - 110 or 90, right or left-hand drive. You should definitely bring around 150,000 pounds, the equivalent of around 210,000 euros, to Coventry to secure one of the 25 Zulu²s.

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