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Inkas Sentry APC: Road tank on a Ford pickup basis

Incas Sentry APC
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O Eastern European oligarchs, African warlords or American rappers: If you think about it for a moment, Some target groups come to mind for whom Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing could make the Sentry APC palatable as the vehicle of choice.

Chassis of a Ford Super-Duty-Pickup

What is not noticed The first glance can be seen: Under the martial tank body is the chassis of a rather banal US flatbed truck. The Sentry APC uses the chassis of the heavy-duty pickpus from Ford, i.e. from the F-250/350/450 series, in the all-wheel drive version. And combines it with the brawniest engine that the Ford shelf provides for the substructure: Inkas attributes 395 hp and a maximum of 1,058 Newton meters to the 6.7-liter V8 turbo-diesel, which transfers its power to a six-speed automatic. That's enough to accelerate the almost nine-ton five-door car to a top speed of 140 km /h.

At 5.77 meters in length, 2.46 meters in width and 2.49 meters in height, there are between eight and ten people. So that they can feel safe at all times, Inkas has given the Sentry APC double armor both on the body and on the windows. The company lets them overlap where the individual armor segments are next to each other in order to avoid weak points in those areas. The result is the special protection class VPAM (VR) 8 or BR7, which, among other things, can repel armor-piercing hard-core projectiles from a 7.62 millimeter caliber assault rifle or the explosion of two hand grenades /h3>

The standard equipment includes circumferential loopholes, a cannon on the roof, an escape hatch and a powerful winch that can pull over eight tons. Just like special door locks, a 151 liter tank and an electronic night vision system. Thanks to the extensively encapsulated body and intelligent fan system, the Sentry APC should seal off its occupants as well as possible in extreme climatic conditions.

The engine and other central technical components can be specially protected against attacks if desired. The surcharge list also includes a detachable front plow, external cameras with 360-degree all-round visibility, rotating beacon and siren technology, emergency lights as well as air filter and fire detection systems. For extra money, removable all-round barriers keep unpleasant people at a distance.In addition, the armor can be reinforced and the Sentry APC can be optimized for special deployment scenarios. For example as a search, rescue and evacuation vehicle, as a command vehicle or for the transport of notorious people.

Available for the first time as a right-hand drive

Incidentally, the market outlined above is now growing for the Canadians , because the all-terrain road tank is now also available as a right-hand drive. Sounds banal, but according to Inkas it wasn't because the Ford chassis is not available with a right-hand drive design. So the drive, steering, exhaust system or cabling have to be laboriously converted so that customers in Australia, Japan or Great Britain can now also be served. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Inkas Sentry APC? Could fit.


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