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Infiniti QX Concept: electric crossover with a new design line

Infiniti QX Concept
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I nfiniti sees the QX Inspiration Concept as a future model in two senses: The design of the study should show what the brand's models will look like in the future and the technology should follow the trend towards electric drives. Specifically: The QX Inspiration Concept will be the first electric Infiniti as a series model. From 2021, Nissan's luxury brand plans to offer the first electrified models. It can be a plug-in hybrid or a purely electric car. Bringing the first electric model onto the market in three years does not seem rash; Mother Nissan is already in the second generation with the Leaf.

Study with a handcrafted interior

Karim Habib, Design Director immigrated from BMW, explains: “The QX Inspiration is our making visible electrical ambitions. ”The interior picks up on the Japanese room concept“ Ma ”; it should appear exciting, lounge-like and spacious. Infiniti explains that the interior of the study is handcrafted using traditional techniques. It is influenced by 'omotenashi', the Japanese approach to hospitality, and is intended to provide the driver and passengers with the best possible support with technology.

SUV with electric all-wheel drive

The study is a 4.65 meter long SUV. The front and rear axles (wheelbase: 2.85 meters) each drive an electric motor, and a battery in the vehicle floor supplies the two motors with electricity. The 1.63 meter high concept stands on dark 22-inch wheels, the overhangs are short: 855 millimeters at the front and 945 mm at the rear. The highest point of the car is exactly above the rear seats, after which the line slopes down to a crest.


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