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Infiniti Q30 in the driving report: Japanese crossover on GLA basis

Infiniti Q30 in the driving report
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You have already seen that somewhere. The interior of the infiniti Q 30 looks surprisingly familiar, which is because it is him. Many of the controls that are familiar from the Mercedes A-Class and GLA can be found here. This includes the switches placed on the door for electrically moving the seats and the buttons on the center console. Yes, even the indicator lever comes from Daimler's shelves.

This first impression suggests a suspicion: Infiniti simply gave the GLA a new shell and reduced the price a little compared to the Swabian competition.

That with the price is definitely confirmed. With 1.5-liter diesel and 109 hp, the Mercedes costs from 30,731 euros, the Q30 built in Sunderland, England, costs just 26,250 euros with the same engine. At this point, Infiniti could have leaned back and let the cars off the production line - but they didn't.

Infiniti Q30 with comfortably tuned chassis

There is a special feature in What distinguishes the Q30 from the GLA: the chassis. During development, the engineers tried out more than 50 different configurations and finally decided on a more comfortable than sporty variant of the McPherson-sprung front axle and the multiple-suspension rear axle. The result: the Q30 drives as you would actually expect from a Mercedes. Short and long waves are pleasantly absorbed and accompanied by a slight body slope in curves. The Q30 does not compromise comfort and sportiness. It is unmistakably comfortable.

Only when driving slowly does it occasionally rumble a little awkwardly over coarser bumps. The 18-inch wheels on the test car should not be entirely responsible for this. The Q30 tends to understeer when cornering quickly, but can still be brought precisely on course. The small diesel, which is known from the GLA, works hard, but lacks some tractive power upwards.

Infiniti Q30 top model makes 211 hp

In addition, the Q30 is available as 1, 6-liter petrol (from 24,200 euros) and 2.2-liter diesel (from 30,550 euros) available. If you like it faster,gets the 211-hp sports variant from 40,290 euros. 7.2 seconds pass up to 100 km /h and the end is 236 km /h. All-wheel drive and seven-speed dual clutch transmission are then standard. However, the four-cylinder petrol engine doesn't sound really sporty and the comfort is also due to the sportier set-up and 19-inch wheels. The dampers are seven percent harder than the normal Q30 and the chassis is 15 millimeters lower.


Although much of the Mercedes A-Class and GLA is known and has been adopted, the Q30 shows its own character. A big plus is its comfortable suspension setup. If you intend to buy a GLA, you should think twice. The Q30 is a good alternative. And it's cheaper.


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