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Infiniti FX30d S in the driving report: Infinitis noble SUV for the first time with a diesel engine

Infiniti FX30d S in the driving report
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On some days you should just stay in bed. This applies to people, just as it does to luxury goods. At the end of 2008, I nfiniti presented its range of models to the Western European trade audience, all of them individual automobiles as future alternatives to established premium products - but initially only with gasoline engines.

Perhaps that would not have been so bad if the economic crisis hadn't settled like volcanic ash on the willingness of solvent customers to buy. Now the brand is about a year and a half behind its business plan, but not its product plan. First important step: a diesel for the Infiniti FX, the most popular vehicle to date - and also the largest.

Infiniti FX with a great price-performance ratio

The Infiniti FX measures 4.86 meters in length, 1.93 meters in width, but crouches to only 1.68 meters in height and stands on an enormous 21 inch Wheels. Modesty looks different. For example in the price list. The Infiniti FX 30d costs between 56,000 (GT) and 64,200 euros (S Premium). The driving report candidate is thus moving in the spheres of a Porsche Cayenne Diesel, but it surpasses its manageable standard equipment not only by lengths, but by worlds.

For the simplest variant of the Infiniti FX have four options, and two options for the top model. Otherwise everything is on board, in the case of the S Premium also high-tech features such as all-wheel steering, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning with braking intervention and hard disk navigation system.

Infiniti SUV with 238 hp Renault V6 diesel

Under the hood of the Infiniti FX30d in the driving report, the V6 diesel, newly developed in the Renault-Nissan group, works internally listens to the name V9X. Its key data: 2,993 cc displacement, 238 hp, 550 Newton meters of maximum torque. Due to the cylinder angle of 65 degrees, the unit is compact enough that it also fits sideways in the Renault Laguna. In the Infiniti, the V6 sits lengthways, drives all four wheels and has one thing above all: over 2.1 tons adequately fastmove. The manufacturer promises a time of 8.3 seconds for the sprint from zero to 100 km /h. After starting off, however, the first doubts arise because the diesel initially has to overcome a turbo lag that is not that small.

Although the maximum torque is already available at 1,750 revolutions, the needle of the rev counter has to be lifted above the 2,000 mark with the help of the seven-speed automatic for proper propulsion. This is all the more regrettable because the smooth and fast shifting gearbox tries to get to the next wave just before 5,000 rpm.

Infiniti FX30d: As confident as an eight-cylinder gasoline engine

But in the Infiniti FX30d For the new design, the narrow band in between is enough to do its job properly. With the typical, soothing acoustics of a - perhaps a bit pithy - marine diesel, it drives the Infiniti FX quickly over land, mostly in the nerve-saving top gear. In doing so, it conveys as much sovereignty as the eight-cylinder petrol engine, without showing its drinking habits, which would have made even Harald Juhnke blush. Infiniti is certain that the diesel gets along with an average of 9.0 L /100 km.

This becomes particularly difficult when the driver has discovered the dynamic driving potential of the automotive sumo wrestler. The Infiniti FX 30d turns surprisingly spontaneously into the driving report, sweeps agile around corners without being seriously disturbed by provoked load changes. The dynamic impression is also reinforced by the snug, tight cockpit with the deliberately small three-spoke steering wheel.

Infiniti SUV with high quality workmanship and limited space

When space economy was on the schedule in the development department, the FX crew apparently had better things to do. Of course, tall occupants will also find enough space, but not more. The interior compensates for this with high-quality workmanship. Only specialists discover details that are strongly reminiscent of Nissan. Most Infiniti FX drivers, however, will rather complain about the sometimes randomly distributed switches - such as those for adjusting the exterior mirrors. However, there is no cause for general lamentation, because Infiniti has generally done its homework properly.

Only the meager sales network with currently only two Infiniti bases throughout Germany is there any real need for action. In view of the individual appearance, it is thoroughly gratifying that the brand did not stay in bed two years ago.


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