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Infiniti FX30d GT Premium in the test

Beate Jeske
Infiniti FX30d GT Premium tested
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Sounds tempting, this brand name - for infinite widths and unlimited possibilities. Especially the top model from I nfiniti promises to be able to use it at any time: expansive, four-wheel drive and fully protected up to five Euro NCAP stars. First and foremost, the FX30d GT Premium is a sport utility vehicle - with emphasis on the first word, a visually seductive alternative to the BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne. And the current lifting of the radiator grille, headlights and bumpers sharpens the clear, unmistakable line.

Its lush curves, the dome-shaped roof and the mighty 20-inch wheels signal a dynamic that largely redeems the chassis. Even without electronic damper control and active rear wheel steering (only with S equipment), the 2.2-tonne (maximum 2,690 kg) Infiniti FX30d GT Premium can be steered surprisingly handy and with pinpoint accuracy, supported by the precise power steering and comfortable leather seats. Despite the generally tight basic set-up and the fat tires, rough bumps remain as well as annoying wind noise, only when driving slowly does it stumble.

Lots of equipment, but little space in the Infiniti FX30d

Then even the cultivated three-liter V6 diesel breaks its vow of silence - just like with rough performance demands when the 238 PS and 550 Nm get the Infiniti FX30d GT Premium legs after a brief turbo hesitation. But if you don't want to flip a lap or eat a few switchbacks, you can make good progress, safely ignore the shift paddles and let the accurate seven-speed automatic change gear. In this way, the 4.87-meter SUV achieves a good class level in terms of consumption.

In terms of space in the rear and in the trunk (410 to 1,305 liters), however, the Infiniti FX30d GT Premium remains clearly below, there are at most infinite widths in the dealer network (only five in Germany) - and in terms of equipment. Because even in the basic FX, bi-xenon headlights, heated and ventilated leather seats, reversing camera as well as electric tailgate and sunroof are not only expensive options, but a standard reality.


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