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Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi in the driving report: good appearance

Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi in the driving report
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E in extremely polite car he has become the one Third generation Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi. To say goodbye, a very digital sounding orchestra strumms a little melody that is vaguely reminiscent of the distinguishing feature of a Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. But the SUV also tries hard to take care of its occupants in other ways: large, comfortably padded - but also largely free of lateral support - seats in the first row, a comfortable second row of seats and generous space. Even under the huge panorama roof there is still enough headroom. The new Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi measures 1.68 meters, eight centimeters less than its predecessor.

Diesel in the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi is powerful

The overview in the cockpit of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi is as good as the view. Clear numbers and labels as well as a simply structured user interface on the touch-sensitive screen - nobody gets lost here. Only with the processing and the materials Hyundai still has to improve until the market launch in September.

On the other hand, not with the drive, because the two-liter diesel engine with 150 hp is very courteous. Classified according to Euro 6, it hums well insulated in the bow of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi and already throws a maximum torque of 383 Newton meters on the drive shafts at 1,800 revolutions. Although the four-cylinder has to deal with at least 1.8 tons of Santa Fe, the desire for the 200 hp 2.2-liter engine quickly fades due to the proper running smoothness and the gripping temperament. Especially in combination with the optional six-speed automatic transmission, the top diesel hardly seems more committed; the variant with the easy-to-use manual gearbox should consume 5.7 liters /100 km. For the Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi, Hyundai indicates a consumption of 6.1 liters.

The chassis is still being tuned

And the chassis? Here the Koreans are still looking for the optimal set-up. While one test car, like the previous model, swayed over bumps in the American style, the other rumbles clumsily over manhole covers with its 19-inch wheels. Identical in both vehicles: the callous steering. The three different characteristics that can be activated by pressing a button (Comfort, Normal, Sport) change at leastnothing about that. But the mere fact that the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi offers this option can be seen as a gesture of courtesy.


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