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Hummer H3 3.7 in the super test

Hummer H3 3.7 in the super test
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The H3 also called baby lobsters. Sure, for the rough, H ummer yes still the H1. This is the civil version of the HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle, or Humvee for short) introduced in 1985 as a Jeep replacement for the US Army. If you want to stop it, you have to blow it up - or at least steal its fuel. Even the H2 SUV introduced in 2003, the popular chariot of California's even more popular governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a whole size larger than the H3, which has been sweeping the slopes since 2005. So what? In the street jungle of Hamburg, Berlin or Munich, even the smallest lobster still looks like King Kong in a chimpanzee cage. Can he save the white woman from all the other 4x4 thugs?

The baby Hummer offers a hot show on the road, but it has to admit defeat to calibers like the BMW X5 or Mercedes ML-Class: The Hummer is too clumsy, its engine seems overwhelmed and only gives when thirsty he is blatantly big. But as soon as the curb is higher than two stacked Birkenstock sandals, its hour has come. Then the Goodyear rubbers, whimpering almost indefinitely when they hit the hook on the asphalt, sharpen their studs and whisper something about the desire for real challenges beyond smoothly ironed slopes.

Offroad - is the Hummers area?

The H3 should prove that in the 4Wheel Fun Supertest. The bright yellow American, built as an export model for Europe in South Africa, drives up in Adventure trim. Associated with this are a few special features that could bring him far ahead among the best in the super test. Example all-wheel drive: It is only commanded at the push of a button without any dislocations and has the following operating modes ready: 4High-Range Open for normal road use with an unlocked transfer case, 4High-Range Locked for the rigid 50:50 distribution of the torque to the front and rear wheels on- like offroad and 4Low-Range Locked. The latter is the game program for climbing and crawling at low speed in the terrain. So far the offer still applies to all H3 variants.

The HummerH3 is not a rough leg

Only the Adventure also has an electronically fully lockable rear axle differential. And only he can climb particularly slowly because his terrain reduction is 4.03: 1 and not 2.64: 1 as with the basic H3 and H3 Luxury. In addition, springs and dampers should be better attuned to an all-terrain rodeo. The rest of the equipment proves that it is still not a rough one: protected from prying eyes by the dark-tinted windows at the back, up to five passengers lounge on leather cushions. They are comfortable, but do not provide much support - which is not a problem on slow off-road tours. The standard seat heating grills the driver and co-pilot pleasantly and gently.

The lobster will stop at nothing

Not only in cold and windy conditions should narrow passages be explored on foot in advance. This is necessary, because despite large exterior mirrors and a rather angular body, Schwarzenegger could hide in the blind corner of the fat A-pillars or behind the spare wheel of the H3. If, however, every free inch is not so important, everything is immediately in butter.

Regardless of whether it is stony slopes, deep sand or roads that seem to have been twisted by aliens - this lobster will stop at nothing. One reason for this is the very efficient all-wheel drive system already described. It remains free from disruptive tension - at least as long as the locks in the transfer case and rear axle are not activated.

You shouldn't expect heroic deeds of driving dynamics

Most of the rest of the technology is comparatively simple: In the good offroader way, the body rests on a separate one Ladder frame. This gives it the necessary rigidity, for example, so that it does not stand with jammed doors on the twisting path. Or the rigid axle at the rear - it will probably never break. After all, the Hummer creates a very neat twist of 250 millimeters with 215 millimeters of ground clearance. It is no coincidence that the substructure looks like an old friend: It comes from the GM full-size pickups. Clearly, this legacy prevents the H3 from performing heroic deeds of driving dynamics as the speed increases: it either rocks like a drunken fur seal or strangles itself through the curves on a hard gravel road, leaning outwards over the front wheel. However, this is not that important off-road.

And the engine? Came better there than on the road. If you still want more power, you can wait for the H3 V8, which will follow in summer.


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