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Hummer as a 6x6 three-axle vehicle: a fourth-hand armored SUV

Hummer as 6x6 three-axle truck
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People with a weakness for understatement and the modest appearance are not the target group of this special offer. The Russian advertising portal avito.ru currently has a rather special H ummer for sale, with which the self-confident appearance as a young oligarch works with certainty.

The base vehicle, a Hummer H2, has after all, already 14 years under his belt and is therefore no longer entirely fresh, the mileage of 152,877 kilometers qualifies him more for a beginning career as an extravagant youngtimer. But the other data is so unusual that this message is worth it.

Stretched and equipped with an additional axis

With the very solidly crafted conversion as a The Hummer H2 takes three axles This is a very popular topic among wealthy car users, after all, six XXL-size tires are more than just four. The drive is the six-liter V8 petrol engine (consumption: sufficient) with 325 hp, which, given its weight, does not have a very easy game with the Hummer H2. Only does not calculate after this has been extended.

With the Hummer H2, AM General wanted to look particularly martial inside as well

Interested parties with dubious Lifestyle will welcome the fact that the advertised three-axle Hummer has armor, and connoisseurs will again be sympathetic to the multimedia system in the second row of seats. For better sound in theA powerful Bose sound system is also installed in the housing.

The car dealer is calling for 2.75 million rubles for the H2 with three axles, which currently corresponds to around 34,000 euros. At least the buyer can expect some exclusivity for this, according to the advertisement this is the only converted Hummer H2 in Russia.


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