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Heico Sportiv Volvo XC60 Tuning

Heico Sportiv
Heico Sportiv Volvo XC60
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F heico Sportiv tuner offers various performance enhancements for the new Volvo XC60 at. The offer starts with a performance kit for the D5 engine. It adds 23 HP and 50 Nm to the standard version of 235 HP and 480 Nm. This gives the diesel 258 hp and 530 Nm of torque. The sprint time should decrease by one second, the top speed should increase to 230 km /h. The two-liter, 320 PS and 400 Nm strong T6 petrol engine increases with the Heico kit by 20 PS and 70 Nm to 340 PS and 470 Nm. The sprint time falls by 0.9 seconds, the top speed remains unchanged at 230 km /h. The two-liter hybrid drive in the T8 delivers 20 hp and 70 Nm more thanks to engine tuning. The total output increases to 427 hp, the sprint time should decrease by 0.9 seconds. The top speed remains unchanged at 230 km /h.

The engine tuning includes a guarantee of up to 60 months and 150,000 kilometers from the first registration in the scope and processing analogous to the Volvo manufacturer's guarantee. In addition, the performance increases are registrable.

Heico is packing new 9x21 inch sports rims in a five-spoke design into the wheel arches of the Swedish SUV. Optionally, however, wheels in the dimensions 8.5x20 inches and 9.5x22 inches are also available.

Small motor, big sound

Heico Sportiv
Heico offers a comprehensive tuning program for the new XC60.

The downsizing of the engines - In the new Volvo XC60 only four cylinders are used - Heico Sportiv counteracts this with appropriate sound modules. Selected Sound generates the powerful sound of a V8 engine at the push of a button, but it can also be switched off. To lower the adaptive air suspension, the tuner has developed a module that the suspension inLowered by 30 millimeters each compared to the standard setup. For chassis with conventional steel springs, shorter springs are available for lowering.

The Heico designers have also created delicious ingredients for the interior. The redesigned sports steering wheel, which is based on the standard steering wheel, also has two distinct recessed grips in the steering wheel rim. The sports steering wheel is supplied in the combination of leather anthracite /Alcantara anthracite, the center position indicator is also incorporated in Alcantara. The thread color is silver. If desired, the color scheme of the steering wheel can be adapted to individual customer requirements.

Body kit for the SUV

The seven-part body kit made of PUR-R-RIM includes, among other things, a new front spoiler and a new rear apron, which also surrounds the four oval tailpipes of the new exhaust system. The Heico body kit for the Volvo XC60 costs from 2,480 euros and is available for the D4, D5, T5, T6 and T8 models from March 2018.


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