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G-Power BMW X5 Black Pearl: SUV with 625 PS

G-Power BMW X5 Black Pearl
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D ie Black Pearl, the fastest ship of the oceans - it exerts a magical attraction not only on its captain Jack Sparrow in the classic film 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Every halfway talented fur seal wants to own them and have the helm of the pirate ship in their hands by all means.

A compressor kit gives the G-Power X5 625 hp

The key data of the G-Power Typhoon Black Pearl suggest that the nomenclature for the over-SUV couldn't be more appropriate. Because with its 625 hp at 6,100 crankshaft revolutions and a maximum of 700 Newton meters, the four-wheeled Black Pearl should be one of the fastest big ships in the sea and even blow seasoned sports cars in zero-to-hundred sprints. On the occasion of the 25th company anniversary, G-Power in Aresing, Bavaria, dug deep into its bag of tricks to put a special special model on the wheels.

The basis is the BMW X5 xDrive48i, 355 hp in the standard trim. G-Power transplanted a complete ASA compressor system into the eight-cylinder and thus elicited 270 additional horsepower from the engine. The compressor is driven by the crankshaft via a ribbed V-belt. It has its own oil circuit and pressurizes the engine with 1.0 bar. This increases the maximum torque compared to the series by 225 to 700 Nm, which is present at 5,300 tours. But that's not all: In order to reduce compression, G-Power has given the V8 new, forged pistons, which are produced in Mahle's F1 department. New injection nozzles are supposed to increase the fuel throughput and thus ensure that the Black Pearl always has the necessary wind in its sails. A readjustment of the engine maps and an additional recooling system for engine oil and cooling water round off the engine tuning. The transmission adapts G-Power to the increased performance. So equipped, the SUV should sprint to 200 km /h in 16 seconds. Propulsion should only come to an end at over 300 km /h.

Carbon body kit for the G-Power Black Pearl

The external appearance of the G-Power Typhoon Black Pearl is martial in accordance with the performance data. Fender flares on the front and rear axles allow the X5 to grow seven centimeters in width, special front and rearRear aprons are designed to minimize lift, while massive 23-inch models rotate in the wheel arches. The complete body kit, including the bonnet, is made of full carbon and therefore makes up a not insignificant part of the total price of 351,050 euros. If you prefer something cheaper, you can also order the add-on parts made of PU rim.

When it comes to the feel-good atmosphere on board, G-Power Edel-Piraten fulfills almost every wish, provided that they come with a large treasure chest. The option list includes interior trim made of full carbon, a sports steering wheel and various leather and Alcantara equipment.

Young pirates, whose raids have so far been less successful, can use their BMW X5 E70 can also be upgraded with the individual G-Power components. Either way, the motto for all Jack Sparrows of the modern age on board the G-Power Black Pearl is: 'We are bad villains, devilishly fast, drink up, pirates, yo!'


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