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Ford Ranger (2019): market launch, information, data, price

Ford Ranger (2019)
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Z for the new model year, Ford is canceling the previous 2.2- Liter diesel engine in the Pickup Ranger and replaces it with a new two-liter EcoBlue turbo diesel in three output levels. The mid-size pickup, which is best-selling both in Germany and Europe as a whole, is thus made fit for the current emission limits, which are also tightened for pickups. Accordingly, the previous top engine, the 3.2-liter five-cylinder with 200 hp, will only remain in the sales program until September 2019 and will then be omitted without replacement.

The extensive facelift of the current Ford Ranger already took place in 2016, accordingly, nothing changes in the visual appearance of the beefy pickup with the new engine. In detail, however, a lot has been renewed and supplemented. Ford speaks of a more comfortable chassis thanks to a new spring and damper set-up. An intelligent cruise control system with traffic sign recognition and collision warning assistant will be standard in the future. The cruise control independently regulates the set maximum speed if the corresponding speed signs are recognized.

Ford Ranger 2019 with up to 213 hp

For the first time, the keyless Ford KeyFree is available for the Ranger -System available with Ford Power start function. The central locking now also includes the tailgate of the loading platform. The Ford MyKey function can be used to limit the maximum speed of the pickup and the maximum volume of the audio system as soon as a certain key is used. It is also possible to prevent certain safety assistance systems from being switched off. This is especially interesting for use as a company car or when lending to the next generation.

The new diesel engine comes in a mono-turbo and a bi-turbo variant. The versions with a single turbo are available in the power levels 130 HP /340 Nm and 170 HP /420 Nm, Ford specifies the standard consumption as 8.0 and 8.3 liters. With the bi-turbo, a smaller high-pressure and a larger low-pressure charger are combined, which should improve the response behavior at low speeds. As the future top engine, this machine has 213 hp and a maximum torque of 500 Newton meters, which at least according to the paper values ​​makes the 3.2 five-cylinder (200 hp /470 Nm) superfluous.

Ford will be offering the modern ten-speed automatic transmission for the new four-cylinder.

For the two more powerful four-cylinder versions, Ford will in future optionally offer the modern ten-speed automatic transmission, which is already used in the large F150 pickup and the Ford Mustang. The six-speed manual transmission remains standard. Nothing changes for the five-cylinder, here the previous six-speed automatic remains in use. The new automatic transmission is expected to reduce fuel consumption by up to five percent compared to the previous model.

Ford Ranger 2019: Price from 33,112 euros

Ford also offers the Ford Pass Connect system for the Ranger which provides a WiFi hotspot and enables vehicle tracking, querying the vehicle status and locking and unlocking the vehicle remotely using a mobile phone app. The new Ford Ranger can be ordered with immediate effect and vehicle delivery will begin in mid-2019. Ford specifies the base price of the new Ranger 2.0, which is only available with all-wheel drive, at 33,112 euros.


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