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Ford Focus, Kuga, Mondeo: Is the rise from the Focus worthwhile?

Achim Hartmann
Ford Focus tournament, Kuga, Mondeo tournament
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O b the rise from the focus tournament worth it? Those interested in Ford who are willing to change counter immediately with a counter question: Horizontal or vertical? In addition to the similarly long but 20 centimeters higher Kuga, Ford also lures with the station wagon version of the Mondeo, which is practically the same height but around 30 centimeters longer.

Let's start like in real life and first make a cash drop : With the powerful two-liter diesel and 150 hp, the Focus Tournament costs at least 26,760 euros and thus 1,640 euros less than the Kuga. And that although we forego all-wheel drive in the SUV and choose the Kuga as a front-wheel drive vehicle for better comparability. This difference increases further when looking at the standard equipment: While the Kuga in the basic version Trend is starting, Ford is already combining the second most powerful diesel in the Focus with the Business Edition, which includes parking beeps and a navigation system with a large eight-inch monitor includes. The Mondeo Trend costs 4,190 euros more than a 150 PS diesel without getting close to the equipment of the Business Focus.

Ford Focus Tournament convinces with ample space

In addition to the generous equipment, impresses the Focus also with its ample space. As a five-seater it swallows 490 liters of luggage, if the rear seat is folded down, 1,516 liters and an almost flat loading area are available. The compact station wagon accommodates passengers in a similarly airy manner and impresses at the rear with the greatest headroom in comparison. However, the bench will be too narrow for three adults in the long run.

The best place for Focus occupants is on the front left anyway. The compact has always been one of the liveliest representatives in its class, and handling was even further refined during the facelift last summer. Thanks to the direct translation of the steering, the Focus happily rushes into curves that it plows through neutrally and safely. Its more compact body and the noticeably smaller turning circle make it handy in the city. In addition, the massive diesel on the Focus is not difficult to tow and even satisfies sporting ambitions.

Ford Mondeo relies on high quality

With its 370 Nm, the four-cylinder in the Mondeo also provides superior, if not quite as vehement propulsion. In general, the middle class station wagon looks a bit more sedate, which is not only due to the higher weight, but also to themore distant steering lies.
After all, it springs a little more gently and convinces with the finer materials. Where the rear door panels in the Focus are made of hard plastic, in the Mondeo soft surfaces flatter the fingers. Stainless steel inserts on the loading sill and optional digital instruments also show that the Mondeo belongs to a higher class.

However, there is only limited space available. As a five-seater, with its 525 liters it swallows just 35 liters more than the Focus, with the rear seat folded down it is 1,630 liters or eight percent more. For a station wagon that is just under 4.90 meters long, that's not exactly huge. Luggage also needs to be lifted over a voluminous rear apron.

Ford Kuga with a classic SUV feeling

When folded down The back seat even holds more luggage in the shorter Kuga, which can be easily loaded thanks to the rugged trunk and the tailgate that swings upwards. Passengers are also happy about the tilt-adjustable rear seat and easy entry due to the high body. The 20 extra centimeters in height also give the Kuga driver a feeling of security, since confusing intersections or pedestrians stepping onto the street between parked cars can be detected earlier. The relaxed, well-insulated and comfortably sprung Kuga is therefore readily forgiven for the fact that the high center of gravity is at the expense of agility.

With the infotainment system, forgiveness is more difficult: Even the search for radio stations becomes a patience, the tiny one Navi screen is simply an impertinence. The system initially built into the Focus was replaced during the facelift with the more modern Sync 2 infotainment system with an eight-inch touchscreen.

That's not the only reason why I recommend the Focus. It has the best equipment at the lowest price and is ahead in terms of consumption and insurance (fully comprehensive type class 18 instead of 22 or 23). In addition, it offers enough space for most situations and a lively temperament. So he doesn't care horizontally or vertically.


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