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Ferox Azaris: 6x6 extreme off-roader drives with water power

Ferox Azaris
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M it Liquid-driven wheel hub motors are the focus of the Ferox drive concept. In order to be able to show what these drive units can do, Ferox has built an extremely off-road vehicle with six wheels around it - the Azaris.

Propulsion by water power

In principle, the hub motors work like a hydraulic drive as used in many construction vehicles. However, if the hydraulic drives rely on oil and an extremely high system pressure, the Ferox system comes with a liquid consisting of 95% water (the remaining 5% is composed of anti-freeze and anti-corrosion additives) and not even 10% of the hydraulic pressure out. These almost 11 kg hub motors require little installation space and deliver up to 680 Nm torque on the wheel. Ferox promises an efficiency of up to 98%.

BMW Boxer as a pump drive

is required all that is needed to build up pressure is a potent pump, which in the Azaris prototype is driven by an air-cooled BMW boxer engine with a displacement of 1,200 cm³. The two-cylinder, which comes from the BMW motorcycle range, has an output of almost 100 hp. An electric motor is also conceivable as a pump drive.

The liquid-operated motors also serve as brakes. The pressure generated in the motors is buffered in a pressure accumulator and fed back to the drive when required.

Unconventional chassis

The wheel hub motors sit on a common carrier element.

Ferox also goes its own way with the chassis. At the front, the wheels hang on conventional transverse and trailing arms with a vertical spring strut. At the rear, two wheels are installed on a common carrier element. This in turn sits on a two-arm swing arm that rotatesconnected to the chassis. All pressure lines for the drive run protected inside the swing arm. Later, they will be integrated directly into the components using the 3D printing process. The overall system should guarantee extreme entanglement and extreme ground contact.

The overall look is also futuristic. The Azaris acts like a Mars rover. Two passengers sit in a largely open chassis. With its jagged shape and slim LED headlights, the front of the Azaris looks like an aggressive insect.

The Ferox Azaris is still in the prototype stage. Extensive test drives should start soon. Small series production is not planned, but is conceivable. When the liquid drive is fully developed, it should be adopted in other vehicle concepts. Ferox is primarily thinking of applications in construction machinery or agricultural vehicles.


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