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Extreme off-road conversion: Delta 4x4 Suzuki Jimny

Delta 4x4 gives the Jimny an extreme conversion. In addition to portal axles, there is, for example, a lift kit and large tires. But that has its price.

It does happen that tuned cars provoke not only admiration but also shaking of heads. Extra power for a super sports car? Not everyone understands. The principle "a lot helps a lot" can also do without a performance plus, as Delta 4x4 and cooperation partner Avus Auto prove with their latest project. Together, the off-road vehicle specialist from southern Germany and the Swiss tuner have taken on the current Suzuki Jimny in order to optimize it for off-road use.,

Around 20 cm more ground clearance

Anyone who has ever done personality coaching may know the following motto: Don't hide the weaknesses, but strengthen the strengths. And so the all-terrain Jimny experiences an extensive restructuring below the vehicle floor. Avus gave the small Japanese portal axles including a switchable 100% lock at the front and rear, as well as a lift kit (+45mm). This increases the ground clearance under the differentials to 40 centimeters (series: 21 centimetres). In order to stage this "climb" appropriately, the team also strapped larger wheels under the widened wheel arches. The Suzuki comes standard with 15 or 16 inch wheels (175/80 to 205/70). This conversion, on the other hand, uses off-road tires from Cooper. The 265/60 rubbers are stretched around 18-inch eight-hole Delta 4x4 aluminum alloys.

That's not all. Other options include a front protection system and a three-ton winch. On top of that, there are classic off-road accessories such as roof racks and light strips. However, the off-road glory also has its price. The finished car costs at least 56,000 euros; if locks, underride protection and roof racks are on board, the sum climbs to 65,000 euros. For comparison: A current Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is available from 58,000 euros, a Land Rover Defender from 54,000 euros. In the terrain, these two will probably not be able to fool the converted Jimny, but there is more space and equipment.,


Delta 4x4 and Avus Auto optimize the off-road performance of the Suzuki Jimny with drastic interventions. In addition to a lift, the little Japanese gets, among other things, portal axles and large off-road tires. In terms of price, however, the car becomes quite a "big Japanese". At least 56,000 euros are due.


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