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Everrati electrifies Land Rover Series IIA

With the electrified Land Rover Series IIA, Everrati now offers owners of such an off-road vehicle from the 1960s to make their classic really future-proof. With 152 hp and all-wheel drive, this is achieved without any losses on the drive side - on the contrary: the performance increases. Only the range of just 200 kilometers requires compromises.

The goal was to create the most desirable, technically advanced and sustainable classic cars in the world. So Justin Lunny, the founder and current CEO of the UK-based company Everrati. Founded in 2019, the company has already managed to get rid of several cult cars in just a few years by completely converting their combustion engine and equipping them with an emission-free electric drive. After the Porsche 911 of the 964 series or the Ford GT40 , it is now the turn of the legendary Land Rover Series IIA. Maybe you think: "With an electric motor it's gone with the charm of a 1960s classic off-roader."

But Everrati says: No. And without further ado, he took a decades-old Series IIA Land Rover and began to rebuild it from the ground up. The result was a modern off-road vehicle with 152 hp and 300 Nm. From the outside, the Land Rover is almost identical to the original Series IIA built between 1958 and 1971: Only a few sharp edges on the body are now a bit smoother, the British have carefully galvanized the chassis and the front wall of the vehicle and modernized the tires. Overall, the off-road vehicle appears with a somewhat more modern face. The interior also got an update with high-quality leather seats from the English leather outfitter Bridge of Weir Leathers and a storage box in the middle with a new audio system.

On the other hand, a lot has happened under the hood: A brand new 60 kWh battery pack with advanced management and temperature control provides the necessary energy. With its 152 hp, the Landi is now almost twice as powerful as the 60-year-old original. According to Everrati, however, it is not enough for a comparison with the Tesla Cybertruck. After all, the E-Land Rover should be able to travel up to 200 kilometers with a full battery before it needs a charge for 12 dollars. Incidentally, one-sixth the cost of a tank of fuel for the conventionally powered version from the 1960s, according to Everrati. The battery can also be recharged quickly thanks to direct current. The drive is either with two wheels or with all four, as befits a Land Rover. A high and a low speed level are available for proper climbing skills. Like the original Land Rovers Series IIA, the Everrati electric version is available with either a traditional soft top or a safari hardtop. The British also offer a modern version of the soft top.

Everrati is now accepting pre-orders.At least by those who own an original Land Rover Series IIA and can invest $206,000. But then you actually get a desirable, technically advanced and at the same time sustainable top-class classic off-roader, the CEO of Everrati would say. However, whether the charm of the original Land Rover is retained with the not exactly cheap electric conversion is left to your own review.


With the electrified Land Rover Series IIA, Everrati is showing the latest appearance of its electric-converted car icons. For a handsome price, owners can bring their off-roader from the 1960s into the 21st century without having to compromise on the classic off-road qualities. They are more necessary when it comes to range - perhaps no longer decisive for an oldie. The originality of the old combustion engine might be for some Land Rover fans.


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