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Erlkönige of the month: From the city flea to the loooong luxury limo

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönige of the month
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Mercedes with Monster-G and Monster-S

U nd Mercedes is right at the fore in this all-round blow. In November, the Stuttgart-based company not only tested the Smart Fortwo in the Brabus version, but also allowed a look at what is probably the highest G-Class. The Mercedes G63 AMG 4x4, christened 'Green Monster' by our Erlkönig hunter, came in bright green and only slightly camouflaged according to its name. In 2015, one or two sheikhs and oligarchs can look forward to a four-wheeled version of the legendary G 63 AMG 6x6.

The Mercedes S-Class in the Pullman version should hit this customer score with the addition of heads of state . The 2 + 2 + 2 luxury liner will be around 6.40 meters long and, appropriately, will be powered by a V12 with 530 hp.

Audi is testing the A4, Bugatti the Chiron, Porsche the Targa

Mercedes will be showing a completely different type of locomotion with the CES model. Not only is the futuristic luxury sedan powered by an electric motor, no, it should also showcase autonomous driving in the future. The concept of the open C-Class is almost old-fashioned. The new middle-grader becomes a convertible - with a fabric roof.

But not only Mercedes has tested beautiful prototypes and prototypes on the streets. Audi was also testing a mid-range model and was shot down with the Audi A4. At the Nürburgring, the Ingolstadt-based company tested the GT3 version of the R8 and its sister company Porsche practiced almost simultaneously with the Porsche GT3 R. And what did Ferrari, Opel, Renault, Bugatti and Fiat test? You can see that in our slideshow.


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