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Erlkönige in February 2015: The latest secret models caught

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönige in February 2015
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Seat is testing its compact SUV


Let's stick with the SUVs: Mercedes delivers two Innovations in this segment: The Mercedes GL - in the future GLS - will receive a facelift and may get a more modern interior. A little more changes than name and aprons will then be part of the Mercedes GLK successor. The GLC, so its new name, is optically defused and has the current Mercedes design on its face and the well-known engines from the C-Class under the hood.

Jaguar F-Pace receives three-liter V6

With the Jaguar F-Pace' under the hood 'is also important. The SUV model has already been shot down countless times as a Erlkönig, now there is The first pictures and information from the top model. This carries the three-liter V6 under the hood and comes with special light alloy rims, red brake calipers and a twin-pipe exhaust system with larger tailpipes.

An SUV is characterized by a folding fabric roof not necessarily first off - unless it's the Evoque that the British want to bring on the market in 2015 - it means that the product confirmation is imminent - in Geneva? We don't really need that anymore, because we have our Erlkönig photographer who has already shot the SUV convertible sen has.

A4, M2, Panamera and Co.

But the automotive world of the future does not only exist from SUV. Also shot down: BMW M2, Audi A4, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes C-Coupé, Fiat 500 and many more. Click through our Erlkönig photo show and be surprised.


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