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Erlkönig Lexus RX 7-seater: Lexus TX starts 2016

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönig Lexus RX 7-seater
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D he Lexus RX is on the US SUV -Market is a fixed and important factor, but it lacks the option of a third row of seats compared to its competitors in the premium segment. A fact that the dealers repeatedly complain about. The Japanese now want to change that with the upcoming Lexus TX.

Lexus TX with RX technology

The Lexus TX is based on the recently updated Lexus RX. Its dimensions are stretched to create space for the third row of seats and thus two additional seats. In terms of design, however, the new one remains true to the original angular lines.

With the RX as the basis, the Lexus TX should come with front-wheel and all-wheel drive and as a gasoline and hybrid variant. The Lexus TX is expected in summer 2016 as a 2017 model. Presumably the TX remains reserved for the US market.


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