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Electronic jewel box: The new BMW iX in the configurator

Anyone who fully equips the BMW iX has to dig deep into their pockets. The list of extras is long and some of them are quite expensive.

BMW has added a second electric alternative to its SUV fans' portfolio. The iX will flow alongside the iX3 from November 2021, and as the configurator shows, this can sometimes be a very expensive pleasure. We equipped the emission-free Munich with everything that the catalog has to offer. ,

What's the first thing you do with an SUV like this? Of course, you put a sports package on him. In this case, it costs 3,000 euros and increases the basic price of the current top model iX xDrive50 from 98,000 to 101,000 euros. In fact, this tick in the list results in a clear difference from a purely visual point of view, because the car is given a separate front and rear section, among other things. Whether that makes an almost 2.6-ton SUV particularly sporty remains to be seen. Aventurine red, metallic (2,300 euros), 22-inch aero wheels (1,150 euros) and the exterior line in titanium bronze (610 euros) all in all appear more luxury-oriented than performance-oriented.

Plenty of bling bling in the cockpit

This statement applies in particular to the "Clear&Bold interior applications" option. The extra for a further 1,150 euros decorates the interior with controls made of crystal glass, gold-bronze effect paint and open-pored wood. However, BMW has even more expensive options up its sleeve. At 3,300 euros, for example, the panoramic roof is one of the largest items on the bill. This is only surpassed by the Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System for 4,800 euros. ,

After extras worth around 29,170 euros are installed, the purchase price climbs to a total of 132,710 euros and thus to the level of a current Porsche 911 4S. If you're getting bored of comparing prices with other vehicles, we've got another comparison for you too. If you pay for your fully equipped iX xDrive50 with 1 euro coins, you could alternatively cover an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 56 square meters with the coins. What's the point? We don't know either. ,


If the BMW iX3 (from 66,300 euros) is not expensive enough, you will have to wait until the end of 2021 to climb the prestige ladder with the iX xDrive50. But you won't get very high, even with full equipment, because BMW has already announced a third model variant. It's called the M60 and should suck a few more euros from the buyer's account.


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