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Electric SUV Tesla Model Y (2020): range, price, launch, photos

Tesla Model Y (2020) presented
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Even if the Model Y celebrated its world premiere on March 14, 2019, the first series models only delivered from 2020. It starts with the most powerful versions ' Long Range ', ' Dual Motor AWD ' and ' Performance '. If everything goes well with the start of series production, they will be available from autumn 2020. The B basic model with a range of 230 miles (370 kilometers) will only be available in spring 2021 and will cost 39,000 dollars or 34,500 euros. It is not yet available in the configurator.

A first look at the model variants of Model Y

The Long Range model creates a range of 300 miles, which would be around 480 kilometers. That is a little 50 kilometers less than the current Model 3 in the long range version. Why? The Model Y is an SUV and therefore has design-related disadvantages. The German Model Y configurator, however, names 540 km range according to WLTP for the rear-wheel drive model, which should be available from 55,000 euros. The top speed is specified at 209 km /h, the sprint time at 5.8 seconds.

Exciting: The Model Y will be the first Tesla to face serious competition in its segment. Audi will also be offering the Put Q4 E-Tron on the market. Skoda is with the Vision IV maybe a little earlier. Advantage Tesla: The Gigafactory is set to extremely high quantities and Tesla has not had any problems to provide enough batteries.

The Dual Motor AWD model , i.e. the all-wheel drive version of the Model Y, can travel 505 km (WLTP). Top speed: 217 km /h, sprint time: 5.1 seconds. The prices for the all-wheel drive version in this country start at 59,000 euros. The top model of the Model Y series is the performance model, which will cost 67,000 euros. The performance version also has a range of 480 kilometers (WLTP), but should be up to 241 km /h and sped to 100 km /h in 3.7 seconds. Overall, the Model Y should be functional like an SUV, but drive like a sports car, says Musk.

Model 3 and Model Y from the Gigafactory

As expected: Model Y is a compact one -SUV, but is based on a coupé in terms of body shape. That improves the air resistance. 7 seats cost a surcharge.

The plant in Fremont will almost certainly fail in terms of Model Y, the production of Model S, Model Y and Model 3 is “bursting at the seams”, according to Elon Musk. Remains the Gigafactory in Reno. A second production facility is currently being built in China, and Tesla has already bought the site required for a gigafactory in the Shanghai free trade zone. The Gigafactory 2 building in Shanghai should be ready by the end of 2020. It is still unclear when production will start there. Shanghai will be twice as big as the Tesla Fremont plant and the Gigafactory in Nevada combined. Tesla is currently planning three new plants in total, but Elon Musk is not ruling out ten to 20 plants in the future due to the high demand. Because, the demand for the Model Y should clearly exceed the demand for the Model 3.

Tesla Model Y is based on the Model 3

Dass Tesla the Model Y, a crossover SUV, will launch as the fourth series, is not new. Musk had already announced Model Y via Twitter in 2015. And Tesla's Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel, struck the same note in 2016 and announced a corresponding oneE-car based on the Model 3. Originally, Tesla boss Elon Musk said that Model Y should not be on the Model 3 platform. Instead, Tesla is building its own platform that no longer has a 12-volt battery architecture and is much cheaper to produce. Here it was easy to conclude that the Californian electric car builder was creating a platform with 48 volts.

Meanwhile, Musk rowed back and explained that his team had convinced him that Model Y was on the platform of the Model 3 will also be building to bring the model to market faster. After all, 75 percent of the same parts are used. This means that Model Y has “a relatively low technical and production risk!”

No more free loading

The styling of Model Y is oriented the current design language of the brand. The bonnet has the typical beads that taper off towards the front in the shape of an arrow with narrow headlights. Classic exterior mirrors are used, even if Elon Musk has been toying with a camera solution for a long time. That will probably come later. Unlike the Model X, the Model Y is only available with classic doors in the rear. Elon Musk has described the expensive wing doors of the large X as a 'flaw' several times. They look cool, but are very complex and expensive to produce. All Model Ys are optionally available as a seven-seater. The surcharge here is 3,100 euros. The large panoramic glass roof is also available in Model Y. Of course, the autonomous driving functions are also available in Model Y. The autopilot costs 3,100 euros, the Autonom driving package costs from 5,200 euros. Technically, the new Model Y is based on Model 3. That means: Auto-Pilot, extremely reduced interior space and a large touchscreen. As with the Model 3, new customers will no longer be able to charge the Tesla chargers for free.

Ford is killing SEX - now the S-3-XY

follows But why Tesla Model Y? Behind this is a plan by Elon Musk, which Ford unfortunately thwarted with the Model 3. This vehicle was originally supposed to be called Model E. But Ford successfully enforced its trademark rights to the name. “Ford is killing sex”, Musk explained at the time, based on his series designations: Model S, Model E and Model X. Then everything changed. After S-E-X became S-3-X, S-3-X will soon become S-3-X-Y. However, there is again a conflict with Ford here. Then the Model Y was produced by Ford between 1932 and 1937.

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