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Driving report Range Rover Evoque Facelift (2016)

Jaguar-Land Rover
Driving report Range Rover Evoque Facelift (2016)
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O ffroad competence is at Land Rover is a matter of honor, and so the chic Evoque from the Range Rover dynasty also has to scramble over scree slopes and wade through river beds every time you drive.

Range Rover Evoque can manage up to half a meter of water

Even the basic version with front-wheel drive can manage up to 50 centimeters of water, which can now even be monitored on the new touchscreen in the cockpit. Like the entire infotainment system with smartphone integration and real-time traffic jam warning, this comes from the Jaguar XE and is intended to keep the successful SUV on track.

There is also a delicate facelift with optional LED headlights, more attractive seats and door panels to report, but the most important change concerns the diesel engine: the previous 2.2-liter is being replaced by an in-house two-liter aluminum engine that consumes up to 18 percent less with a similar output (150/180 hp) and complies with the Euro 6 emissions standard fulfilled.

Evoque: Better with automatic

Even the weaker version eD4 looks cultivated and powerful, although it the front-wheel drive only comes with a six-speed gearbox and a stiff, difficult-to-dose clutch. In any case, the nine-speed automatic transmission available for all all-wheel-drive models fits better, as it no longer shifts down too often and makes off-road driving easier.

The new additional function ATPC for the 4WD serves the same purpose - an off-road cruise control that works uphill and downhill Maintains any programmed speed between 1.8 and 30 km /h without the driver having to do anything.

The surround camera system helps you to find your way around confusing terrain, the new head-up display and various assistants from lane keeping to emergency braking in normal traffic.


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