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Driving report Peugeot 2008 (MY 2020): This is how the crossover drives

Markus Heimbach
Peugeot 2008 (2020)
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H Have you ever googled Provence or seen advertising photos ? Then you know for sure that the impressions consist of two elements in almost all cases: blooming lavender fields and a bright blue sky. Well, as you can see from the pictures, the sun peeked out briefly when the new Peugeot 2008 was being driven, but most of the time rain showers and small gusts were more reminiscent of the German autumn. And lavender blossoms haven't been around since late summer. So good prerequisites to feel the new Peugeot 2008 without distraction on the LED saber teeth.

Growth cure creates space

Compared to its rather staid predecessor, the 2008 II is now a pretty massive one Appearance. Not only does the new extravagant face with vertical light elements serve as a distinguishing feature, but also the increase in length. At 4.30 meters, the crossover has become around 15 centimeters longer and the wheelbase has grown by almost eleven centimeters to 2.65 meters. Doesn't that lead to cannibalization effects with the SUV 3008? The French politely deny and point out that the customer will stay in the Peugeot family anyway.

Markus Heimbach
There is plenty on the back seat Place. Even taller passengers can be comfortably accommodated there.

The new space is particularly noticeable in the spacious rear and in the larger trunk. While the first generation was able to carry at least 350 liters of luggage, the new one manages 434 liters. With the rear seats folded down, up to 1467 liters are possible. Accordingly, the luggage seems quite lost for the short trip after it has been pushed relaxed over the low loading sill.

The cockpit of the front-wheel drive vehicleis understood after getting used to it and the selection of switches, levers and buttons is pleasantly clear. The same applies to the infotainment system, which, depending on the equipment variant, offers plenty of information on up to ten inches. In the GT version with 155 hp that we drive, there was also the optional 3D instrument cluster that, for example, allows the arrow to hover over the route and brings important driving data to the fore in the so-called i-cockpit. i-Cockpit means: The steering wheel is smaller and flattened so that the driver can look over it at the instruments. This means that the tax cannot be set as high as some are used to. In return, you get a bit of kart feeling.

The three standard equipment options Active, Allure and GT offer plenty of technology and design extras, plus the GT-Line package based on Allure. Commendable: Active already has features such as a drowsiness warning, a lane departure warning system with steering wheel intervention and traffic sign recognition.

The so-called i-cockpit can be used quickly and easily after a short period of familiarization .

One for the curves

A bit of trial and error must be done before the 1.2 liter -The unit can finally start working. From the first few meters of the car park, you will notice the good overview thanks to the wide interior mirror. The optional rear view camera (280 euros surcharge in the standard Active version) helps, but could be sharper.

The powerful petrol engine and the stiff, but comfortable chassis harmonize well on the narrow and sometimes poor roads. Even bad bumps, which some cars shake up vigorously, are processed with the 2008 remarkably binding. Also convenient: the eight-speed automatic transmission. It doesn’t take any of its temperament from the dedicated engine, shifts quickly and smoothly. Slight jerking when downshifting only bothers when there is a stronger demand. Together, the crossover chases nimbly on the country roads and drifts quickly on the autobahn with an acceptable sound. The lane departure warning system can be a bit annoying when it feels called upon to drive in on narrow asphalt strips with poor markingsto intervene the steering. It was not easy to see where to turn it off.

Wide range of engines

If the 155-hp petrol engine is too powerful or too expensive (33,900 euros) for you, the can choose the 1.2 liter engine with 102 or 131 hp. The weakest gasoline engine starts at 21,500 euros in the basic Active version. In addition to the gasoline engines, there is also a superbly working 1.5-liter diesel with 131 hp (from 29,950 euros) and the electric motor known from the small car 208 with 100 kW or 136 hp. As a Stromer (from 35,250 euros) the 2008 WLTP can cover up to 320 kilometers and is a fast sprinter with 260 Nm torque. In terms of the optics of the e-2008, Peugeot attached great importance to the fact that only small emblems and style elements distinguish it from the combustion engine colleagues.


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