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Driving report BMW X5 xDrive 40e (2015): Part time without fuel in the SUV

Driving report BMW X5 xDrive 40e (2015)
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D this can't be a coincidence, please: Exactly at the height of the place name sign, the combustion engine switches off and we whir purely electrically through Poing near Munich. At the end of the village - again almost exactly to the meter at the sign - the four-cylinder petrol engine takes over again and accelerates the X5 to 100 km /h. The whole thing actually has nothing to do with coincidence, rather the 40e gets information from the navigation system to cleverly use its electrical energy to use. This also includes driving as quietly and emission-free as possible in urban areas.

With 83 kW and 250 Nm, the electric motor also offers enough power to accelerate the 2.3-ton truck to up to 120 km /h. If you like, you can lock the electric mode at the push of a button and then drive permanently electrically - surprisingly spirited and up to 31 kilometers long with a full battery. Which is enough to complete many everyday trips without burning a drop of fuel.

Fine drive comfort in the X5 xDrive 40e plug-in hybrid

In conjunction with the two-liter turbo, the im boosts The housing of the eight-speed automatic housed Stromer the large SUV with a system output of 313 hp. Thanks to effective noise insulation, little is heard from the combustion engine, so exposing it as a simple four-cylinder requires sharp ears. In addition, the X5 impresses with almost all the strengths of its conventionally powered brothers such as the high level of suspension comfort, the very comfortable seats, the most modern infotainment and assistance options and space in abundance. Hybrid buyers only have to forego the third row of seats, as the 9 kWh battery occupies the compartment under the trunk floor. The charging socket is hidden behind a flap on the front left fender.

X5 xDrive 40e plug-in hybrid with a high purchase price

At 68,400 euros, however, the 40e is 8,000 euros above the Six-cylinder xDrive 35i or xDrive 30d. Diesel in particular is likely to make life difficult for hybrids in this country. Because when the fuel-saving effect of the electric range has been used up, the turbo gasoline engine has to run alone. The specified standard consumption of 3.3 liters can therefore only be achieved over shorter distances with consistent recharging of the batteries. Compared to pure electric cars, however, plug-in hybrids are suitable for longer distances. With its 85 liter tank, the 40e can cover hundreds of kilometers.


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