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Driving report Audi SQ5 TDI Facelift (2019)

Audi SQ5 TDI (2019)
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The EA897evo2 engine is also in the new S6 /S7 TDI - the engine tuning differs slightly from the SQ5 due to a different intake path from.

The key data of the 3.0-liter V6 in the SQ5: 347 hp at 3,850 rpm and massive 700 Nm from 2,500 up to 3,100 tours. From the late maximum torque, you can already guess that Audi is demanding a lot from the electric compressor. Its engine has an output of seven kilowatts, turns up to 70,000 revs and supports the exhaust gas turbocharger until the diesel reaches a speed of 1,650 rpm.

In practice, the drive train feels completely normal - the driving experience never stops extraordinary technology close. The SQ5 TDI starts up smoothly, as is known from high-torque diesel engines. Only occasionally does the overrun fuel cut-off lead to response delays, which, with constant light pressure on the accelerator pedal - for example when turning - sometimes suddenly leads to violent propulsion.

He can do the motorway - and lateral dynamics? The SQ5 delivers significantly more curves than would be necessary for the average everyday SUV. In any case, the main thing with the sports SUVs is longitudinal dynamics - and the diesel is a bank: really powerful and clearly more efficient than comparable gasoline engines.

The Audi gets clean lines with high cornering forces at the same timebaked. He even hides his relative obesity quite effectively. Sure, at some point he slips into understeer - but by then you are really motivated. By the way, manual gear flipping is recommended, because even in dynamic mode the transmission software has little to do with sport.

Although the Quattro all-wheel drive can push back up to 85 percent of the power depending on the situation and the air-sprung test car is even equipped with the sport differential, the SQ5 prevents even small rear swivels. He actually has more than enough agility, but that's in every driving school sheet: Occasionally, entertaining driving maneuvers are supposed to keep people in a good mood - or something like that.


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