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Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit Concept: Unique piece with 808 hp

Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit Concept
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E There are truly idiosyncratic motorsport events, especially in the USA. The series 'One Lap of America', which has its origins in the often filmed Cannonball Run from the 1970s, is one of them. The concept: The 80 participating teams make an eight-day round trip to eight race and test tracks in seven US states in order to complete various tests there - mostly timed laps at high speed. They cover more than 4,000 miles (a good 6,400 kilometers), and of course they have to comply with all traffic regulations. But that's not the only difficulty. A team that provides technical support is not allowed, as is special tires for the racetrack; the road tires have to stay on the track. Amateur motorsport can be done with less stress, that's for sure.

One Lap of America
Seven US states, eight days plus racing - and test tracks and a distance of around 4,000 miles: the 'One Lap of America' ​​2019.

6.2 liter compressor -V8 with 808 HP

One thing can definitely not do any harm: a powerful emergency vehicle. In this respect, the team from Dodge and the in-house tuning division SRT Engineering does not make any compromises, after all it is important to defend the title in the truck and SUV class. SRT built a Dodge Durango with the engine of the Challenger Hellcat Redeye especially for this year's “One Lap of America”. The 6.2 liter supercharged V8 of the Durango SRT Pursuit Concept, which is nicknamed 'Speed ​​Trap' (radar trap), has an output of 808 hp. The SUV not only imitates a police car with its colored decoration, but also with its light and siren system from the specialist Whelen.

These changes remainof course not. Fiat-Chrysler's accessories department Mopar supplies other parts, including a slightly more powerful stainless steel exhaust system from cat. The 11 x 20 inch rims with 305/35 Pirelli P Zero sports tires are also used on the Challenger Hellcat Redeye. The brakes are supplied by the braking experts at Brembo. At the front, six-piston calipers bite into 400 millimeter discs, at the rear there are four-piston pliers and 350 mm discs.

Roll cage instead of additional rows of seats

From the standard Dodge Durango SRT, last year's class winner the “One Lap of America”, the Pursuit Concept takes over the eight-speed Torque Flite automatic and permanent all-wheel drive with different driving modes. The heated and ventilated front seats are also retained, which should be a real advantage in view of the expected strain. Rows two and three, on the other hand, give way to a roll bar, and the front seats are fitted with five-point seat belts.

By the way, auto journalist David Hakim and David Carr contest the 'One Lap of America' ​​for the Dodge team. The latter is an engineer at SRT and in this function is responsible for matters relating to driving dynamics. He can certainly do a bit of screwing - a quality that should not be underestimated if no mechanics are allowed.


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