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DFSK Fengon 580: China SUV in the driving report

New face and new name: The DFSK Fengon 580 is the new edition of the Glory 580. We were traveling with the cheap SUV from China.

Luckily there are people who don't expect any premium airs or high-tech extras from a car, but simply need a vehicle with plenty of space for passengers and luggage. What do the neighbors say? That's secondary.

An offer for this group of customers can be found at the importer Indimo Automotive, who has been importing the DFSK Glory 580 from China for several years. Now the facelift model is ready to roll to around 180 dealers.

A completely new front end with a steep grille and flat headlights not only brings a new face, but also sorts the mid-range SUV into the model range alongside the Fengon 5 (SUV coupe) and Fengon 7 (big SUV brother). The new name also fits in with this: the Glory 580 became the Fengon 580.

At the other end of the 4.68 meter long body, the Chinese screwed rear lights with a new interior to the car, the standard navigation system now has maps for Western Europe in memory. So far, you could only plan routes in Germany.

Standard as a seven-seater

Otherwise, the 580 is unchanged. It offers plenty of space on three rows, covered as standard with imitation leather. At the very back, children sit very comfortably and adults who are not too tall, at least for short distances, are reasonably appropriate to the species. The length-adjustable bench in the second row also helps.

Here you can lock two child seats with Isofix brackets. Unfortunately, they are missing in sixth and seventh place. The seats for the driver and front passenger offer quite tight contact surfaces for the buttocks and back, and the steering wheel is unfortunately not adjustable in length, but only in height, even on the new model.

The analog round instruments are easy to read, on-board computer information is provided by a monochrome display in the middle. A 10-inch display for navigation and infotainment still sits enthroned on the unchanged dashboard. The route guidance runs quite smoothly after a short start-up phase. If you have a favorite radio station, you should know its frequencies well. The radio cannot process RDS information.

Music streaming and telephony is done via the Bluetooth hands-free kit, because smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is not offered in the new model either.

The motorist is happy to have stayed in its place, a rotary pushbutton on the center console. With it you can surf through the display menu while driving with less distraction than with the touchscreen monitor.

Gasoline engine with 145 hp

The well-known 1.5 liter turbo with 107 kW /145 hp reports for duty further up.He drives the DFSK Fengon 580 in connection with the standard CVT automatic forward in a relaxed manner, but still wants nothing to do with dynamic ambitions. The chassis also fits in with this. The suspension with good absorption offers high comfort reserves. In fast corners, however, the structure leans strongly to the side and thus also shows that hasty chase is not the profession of the DFSK Fengon 580.

A steady foot on the gas pedal can also help to keep consumption somewhat below the 10 liter mark. The importer specifies 8.1 liters as the NEDC standard value. At the end of our test drives, the on-board computer showed values ​​of 9.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

The price? Under 24,000 euros

In addition to modern fuel-saving technology, driving assistants such as lane keeping, blind spot warning or an adaptive cruise control system are also missing. However, the Fengon 580 brushes aside critical looks with its price of 23,742 euros.

At this tariff, you get the large SUV with quite extensive comfort equipment, which offers, for example, 360-degree cameras, parking sensors, an electrically adjustable driver's seat and a large panoramic roof. The only option is a trailer hitch, which allows you to hook up to 1,500 kilograms.

At least now the neighbors will have something to talk about. Because the seven-seater in the driveway cost less than some small cars.


The DFSK Fengon 580 arrives with a new name and a new face. Behind it is the facelift of the Glory 580. You get a full-fledged seven-seater with a comfortable chassis for the same low price of 23,742 euros. However, modern driver assistants are not on board, and consumption is also quite high.


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