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Delta 4x4 VW Amarok: Extra wide and extra tall

Delta 4x4 VW Amarok
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D he generation of Netflix has to explain the topic of this pickup first: The series “A Colt for All Cases” was a serious cult in Germany in the 1980s. The main actor “Colt Seavers” drove a full-size pickup from General Motors, a GMC Sierra, with corresponding modifications and massive wear and tear: Crazy jump scenes cost countless Sierras their lives, the manufacturer eagerly delivered.

Although the action -Series caused a sensation long before the 'invention' of the Internet - for younger people roughly between the Holocene and the Pleistocene - the topic has to serve as a motto to this day when a particularly martial pickup takes the stage. In this case it is a new Amarok conversion of the tuner Delta 4x4, which has been named 'Amarok for all cases' with a corresponding reference to the series.

Delta 4x4 VW Amarok based on the 'Beast'

Now the Delta 4x4 Amarok is neither on the road with a V8 petrol engine like the original nor in muted brown and gold tones, but it is definitely sensational. The basis is the 'Amarok Beast' from the tuner from Unterumbach in Bavaria. The extensive elevation is done with three measures: A body lift kit, in which the body is fastened higher on the frame with spacers, adds ten centimeters. A further four centimeters are achieved with spacers for the springs, the rest is provided by MT off-road tires in the stately dimension of 35x12.5 R 20.

Jumped across the screens in the 1980s: Colt Seavers in the GMC Sierra Pickup

The Amarok brings plenty of light into the dark: LED headlights on the roll bar, on the front edge of the roof and on theAdditional bull bars shine in competition. The “Iceland Style” wheel arch extensions take care of the covering of the giant tires (hence the 20 centimeter extra width). Delta 4x4 installs new shock absorbers from Bilstein to raise the chassis.

Interested parties can also order the components individually. Wheels for 4,500 euros, the front bar with LED headlights for 1,100 euros. For the fender flares, delta4x4 is calling for 2,200 euros, while raising the chassis costs 1,800 euros.


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