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Dacia Manifesto Concept shows the future of the brand

With the minimalist Manifesto off-road concept, Dacia allows a glimpse of future model generations.

One thing is already clear in the here and now: The Manifesto will never go into series production in this form. Instead, the wild all-wheel study should show in detail what could come - all under the specifications: efficient, economical and sustainable.

Airless tires and recycled plastics

The open off-roader comes with all-wheel drive, high ground clearance and even larger wheels. Much of the Manifesto's body is made from recycled plastics made from recycled post-consumer polymers. The speckled surface, called Starkle, is typical. Airless tires, which are supposed to be puncture-proof, keep in contact with the rubble.

On the small roof area there is a luggage rack that can be moved on rack bars. Only one headlight is installed on the towering front with the narrow light band that quotes the Dacia logo. This is also removable and acts as a flashlight if necessary. Also useful: a removable battery with a household socket is hidden in the bumper. This means that electricity is also provided in the outback. By the way: there are no windows, windscreen or doors for the unfiltered off-road experience. After all, the adventurer can use the tailgate as a work surface.

Seats to sleeping bags

The interior of the Dacia Manifesto is waterproof and offers natural materials - such as cork - on the dashboard. Cork is also used on the small steering wheel. The brand also deliberately refrains from using chrome-plated elements. The seat covers are eye-catchers; they are detachable and can be transformed into sleeping bags. As with some Dacia models, the Manifesto also offers the option of attaching the smartphone to the dashboard within easy reach and connecting it to the on-board computer. They can be attached modularly using "You Clip" accessories.

Dacia owes no information about the drive technology. We suspect an electric drive with batteries in the underbody. Four-wheel drive and automatic transmission are obviously set.


With the Manifesto, Dacia wants to show that the Romanians are still concentrating on the essentials and preparing the vehicles for outdoor use. With washable interiors, a removable battery, a headlight as a flashlight, a roof rack system, clip-on accessory tools and cork in the interior, the Manifesto is said to be a "laboratory on wheels" - Dacia couldn't be smaller.


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