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Dacia Duster and Skoda Yeti: Compact SUVs in the driving report

Stefan Lindloff
Dacia Duster and Skoda Yeti
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F he Dacia has always been an attractive one for extremely cost-conscious drivers Address. With the new Duster, however, the Romanian Renault subsidiary is now increasingly attracting the interest of emotional buyers.

Dacia Duster is available from 11,900 euros

So far, popular SUVs have been like Dacia Duster can hardly be had for less than 20,000 euros - and at Dacia, the nicely dressed off-roader is available as a pure front-wheel drive from 11,900 euros. Even the Lauréate equipment, including common comfort extras such as air conditioning, is unrivaled in terms of price at 13,400 euros. Against this background comes the similarly large, but 17,990 euro expensive Skoda Yeti in the driving report is in a different league, especially since air conditioning is only included in the standard scope of the Ambition variant (21,390 euros). The difference thus adds up to the equivalent of a new small car à la Dacia Sandero - an argument that is difficult to invalidate in this sensitive price region. However, the cost advantage of the Dacia Duster in the driving report shrinks sharply as soon as it comes to maintenance. Especially liability and fully comprehensive insurance, but also tax and fuel costs are significantly more expensive than the Skoda Yeti, so that the monthly costs including the forecast depreciation according to our sample calculation differ by just under 40 euros in favor of the Dacia Duster.

Under the bonnet, the Dacia Duster offers simple but proven food

Nevertheless: If price is the most important purchase criterion, the Skoda has Yeti no chance. Especially since the Dacia Duster can do more than just be cheap in the driving report: it converts ten centimeters more external length into a larger luggage compartment. Passengers enjoy sufficient freedom of movement in front and behind, surrounded by a sober plastic ambience without any visual or tactile flattery. The tightly dimensioned, softly padded front seats are mounted a bit high for tall drivers, and the steering wheel can only be adjusted slightly in height. Even under the bonnet, the Dacia Duster offers simple, but proven food. The 1.6-liter has 105 hp, but the 1.2Tons of heavy Dacia Duster is no easy game.

Dacia Duster with increased gasoline consumption and sluggish cornering behavior

Outside the city limits, the Euro 4 four-cylinder of the Dacia Duster requires high speeds in the driving report, since the maximum torque of 148 Nm is only at 3,750 /min is present. To do this, the driver often has to use the bony gears of the five-speed transmission, because the four-valve engine, which is unwilling to turn, develops little pulling power.

In addition, the Dacia Duster only accelerates slowly from the recommended speed, and even at this speed the loud roar of the engine does not disappear behind the strong wind noise. It's a shame because the suspension does its job well. The increased fuel consumption and the sluggish cornering behavior of the well-behaved understeering front-wheel drive also speak against a brisk pace. ESP offers Dacia in the Duster, but only in the strong diesel. Head airbags that cannot be delivered also indicate that the standards of the German market are not top priority for Dacia.

Skoda Yeti with more temperament

The Skoda Yeti does not show any nakedness in the driving report, in addition to the usual safety extras even a driver's knee airbag is standard on board. A modern turbocharged direct injection engine with a displacement of 1.2 liters serves as the drive, which is clearly superior to the Dacia Duster engine in all respects. Since the equally cultivated, easy-revving and frugal turbo is quite elastic, the Skoda Yeti usually develops enough temperament without shifting down. Together with the audibly more pleasant background noise, long stretches of the motorway can be covered much more quickly and relaxed - not least because of the sixth gear of the precisely shiftable transmission.

The Yeti interior looks noticeably more sophisticated and sophisticated in detail.

The stiffer chassis of the Skoda Yeti does not lead to any loss of comfort, but gives the front-wheel drive in the driving report one in conjunction with the sensitive steering Above-average handiness for this vehicle category. The well-contoured seats offer good lateral support and are mounted similarly deep as in a sedan. Those who prefer a more elevated position - the seat height adjustment and headroom are generously dimensioned. In the sufficiently spacious rear, the three narrow individual seats have the flexibility of a van. Move, fold down, expand - everything can be done with little effort. Although the interior is designed in a similarly functional manner as in the Dacia Duster, the details look noticeably more sophisticated and sophisticated.

Thanks to many special options, the Skoda Yeti can be spiced up even further, but that probably doesn't matter for price-sensitive customers. It is more likely that the Duster does not even have a sliding glass roof. The price breaker has only one option ahead of the Skoda: all-wheel drive costs 1,800 euros extra and is an engine version for the Skoda Yeti1.2 TSI not available. Nevertheless, there is one thing that speaks for the Dacia Duster in particular - the extremely attractive price.


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