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Dacia Duster 2019: data, information, first test, new engines

Dacia Duster 2019
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Dacia has been causing a sensation among price-conscious SUV customers for seven years. The compact SUV built in Romania with proven Renault technology has so far relied on the brand virtues - everything that is necessary, but no expensive bells and whistles. Duster customers consciously forego many amenities and were rewarded with unrivaled purchase prices. In contrast, what Dacia is bringing up with the new Duster is almost a small revolution. Because the second generation receives a number of features that were previously not found with this brand.

Dacia has rearranged and upgraded the interior of the Duster.

A reinforced body should improve safety. There are also windowbags that Dacia is using for the first time. Active safety is improved by a blind spot warning system, which uses ultrasound to detect vehicles in the blind spot and warns of dangerous lane changes with an exterior mirror light. Hill start assist and an automatic system for switching the low beam on and off are also new on board.

The design has been carefully modernized, the dimensions are practically identical to the predecessor, it is above all the new details that Dacia- Fans of theMake sure you rub your eyes thoroughly for the first hour. For example the all-round camera with top view mode on the (still a bit tricky, but better positioned) multimedia screen. In addition, among other things, keyless function, automatic air conditioning, reversing camera and window bags (they are always standard), all premieres at Dacia. Cautious complaints from customers were taken into account with the noise insulation (more insulation materials, thicker windshield) and the seats (longer, tighter upholstered, better lateral support), you can learn at Dacia too.

The first driving impression with the new Dacia Duster

The 1.2 liter small turbo gasoline engine (which will be replaced by two new engines in 2019) with which we completed the first test drive of the new generation, as expected, is not suitable for rocket launches, it only really perks up after the 2,500 tours. On the other hand, it runs quite smoothly and stays in the background even under full load. Although it braces itself bravely into the harness even at low speeds and does not get grumpy, real propulsion is not generated deep down. The verdict on the steering is a bit ambiguous. It is quite precise, but it looks a bit like being wrapped in cotton wool and has a very weak self-aligning torque.

The chassis shines with surprisingly good comfort in normal operation, also copes well with cobblestone asphalt and dirt roads, does not get trampling and springs perfectly. But you can push it to its limits with a forced driving style. The combination of bends, bumps and a heavy gas pedal provokes slight misalignments and surprise behind the wheel. The Duster prefers to glide, which is also underlined by the noticeable lateral inclination when cornering quickly.

The promised improvement of the seating has been successful, the seats are well padded and also provide noticeable lateral support in the back area. However, the lateral freedom of movement in the Dacia Duster feels more like a small car, especially towards the center console there is little space for the knee, and in the shoulder area the space is also rather compact. This shows that some of the not so small width of the Duster is in the strongly flared wheel arches and does not arrive in the passenger compartment.

Dacia Duster 2019 - the prices

The new Dacia Duster was launched on January 13, 2018. The new Duster comes (as of October 2018) at a base price of 11,490 euros with the 1.5 -Liter of suction gasoline. This makes it the cheapest SUV in Germany, but is now 800 euros more expensive than its predecessor, which was available from 10,690 euros. In the essential equipment variant, the new Duster costs from 12,500 euros; those who order Comfort are asked to pay at least 13,700 euros. The top equipment Prestige is available from 15,000 euros. The prices for the 4x4 variantsstart at 15,600 euros. These prices refer to the basic petrol engine SCe 115.

The TCe 130 GPF costs at least 15,550 euros, the TCe 150 GPF is available from 18,900 euros - but initially only in combination with the special Adventure model. Both engines are initially only available with front-wheel drive; four driven wheels will be available from mid-2019. The prices for the optional Media-Nav-System remain unchanged despite the larger range of functions.


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