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Carlsson CML Royale-Revox in Geneva: luxury concert hall with 625 hp

Geneva Motor Show 2020
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D he Carlsson CML Royale-Revox is supposed to be strength, elegance and individuality unite under one roof. The tuner from Merzig chose the Mercedes ML as the basis for this project. Carlsson satisfies the power requirement with performance increases, which culminate in the ML 63 AMG as a base in 625 hp and 840 Nm torque. This should enable the Royale to spurt from zero to 100 km /h in 4.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 300 km /h. Based on the ML 500, 500 hp and 680 Nm are available, which enable 4.6 seconds and 270 km /h.

The air suspension of the Carlsson CML Royale-Revox lowers the body of the Mercedes ML and can also be configure via app. The lowering is combined with 22-inch alloy wheels and 295/30 tires.

Thick fenders and a thick audio system in the Carlsson CML Royale-Revox

The Carlsson CML Royale-Revox should also be sporty its wide body kit. Fender flares, new aprons at the front and rear, a chrome-plated radiator grille and a four-pipe sports exhaust, together with a two-tone paintwork, characterize the new look.

In the interior of the Carlsson CML Royale-Revox, you think you are in a leather quilting -Landscape. From the trunk to the floor mats and the door panels to the seat covers, all surfaces are covered with appropriate animal skins. In addition, aluminum pedals and precious wood applications are installed.

The Carlsson CML Royale earned the nickname Revox by installing a complete system from the manufacturer of the same name, which is supposed to deliver studio quality music to Royale travelers


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