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Cadillac XT6 (2020) world premiere: luxury SUV with seven seats

Cadillac XT6 (2020) world premiere
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I n times of scalable platforms, automakers don't like it at all if there are still gaps in the model range. And the one between the Cadillac XT5 with its 4.8 meters in length and the Cadillac Escalade, which stretches to around 5.2 meters, yawned particularly wide. This will be over from summer 2019, when the new Cadillac XT6 will roll to dealers. From the nomenclature after the smaller XT4 and XT5 models, the XT6 will round off the top of the Cadillac crossover model range.

At 5.05 meters, the new Cadilac XT6 surpasses direct class competitors such as the Lexus RX , but still meets a lavishly stocked segment environment, including the direct competitor Lincoln Aviator, also announced for the summer. So it won't be a sure-fire success. Cadillac will offer the XT6 in two configurations, 'Sport' and 'Luxury'. In the interior, the models can be distinguished by the decors in fine wood or carbon fiber, on the outside the radiator grille (on the XT6 Sport mostly in black) offers a distinguishing feature.

Cadillac XT6 closes the model gap

Als The Cadillac XT6 is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with 310 hp, this machine with the engine code LGX is already known from the Cadillac XT5, but also from the Chevrolet Camaro, for example. The V6 is coupled to a nine-speed automatic transmission as standard in all XT6 variants. The luxury version has front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive as standard, while the sport versions always have all-wheel drive strapped in. The Cadillac XT6 Sport has even more goodies built in: A more active steering set-up and a chassis with adaptive dampers should keep the XT6 on course even with a slightly more enjoyable driving style.

The surcharge options include more exclusive leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, Rear seat heating and an air ionizer. Row two can optionally be furnished with a bench with individual seats. In the third row of seats, there should also be enough space for adults. The safety features include the collision warning system with emergency braking function, blind spot warning system and a lane departure warning system as standard. Adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera system, night vision function, a reversing camera with display in the interior mirror and a head-up display can be ordered for an additional charge.

The as yet nameless electric crossover from Cadillac offers space in three rows of seats and should be on the road within the next two years.

General Motors has not yet announced prices and more precise technical data. In view of the prices of the XT4 and XT5, one can assume a price from around 48,000 dollars. Orders for the Cadillac XT6 will start in spring, and the 2020 model year will be delivered from late summer. It is still open whether Cadillac will bring the XT6 to Germany at a later date.

Cadillac EV electric crossover

In the run-up to the Detroit Motor Show, Cadillac also has the first battery-electric concept vehicle Brand model presented. The Cadillac EV in the style of a crossover is based on the new electric platform from General Motors and is said to have extensive autonomous driving capabilities. Cadillac has not yet announced more details, but a model ready for series production is expected in the next 12 months.


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