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Cadillac Escalade (2021): 5.77-meter SUV half as expensive as a Maybach

New Cadillac Escalade (2021)
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B if you look to Hollywood, the Escalade is a car popular with rappers, millionaires, secret agents and movie villains alike. For everyone, the new Cadillac Escalade will be available from dealers in North America from summer 2020. An SUV whose massive appearance makes the engine with a 6.2-liter V8 (series) appear natural. Despite the increased size to 5.38 meters in length, the fifth generation Escalade has lost 130 kilograms thanks to the T1 platform and the normal rear-wheel drive version ends up at 2,556 kilograms. The long version with all-wheel drive weighs 2,718 kilograms. She was supposed to debut at the New York Auto Show, which was due to Corona. It's a shame, because the huge stunts would certainly have been impressive live. Cadillac has just published a picture, but in addition to the normal version, the ESV also looks reasonably normal, although it protrudes by 38.4 centimeters, the wheelbase differs by 33.6 centimeters. This brings the ESV to a total length of around 5.77 meters. If you parked two Smart Fortwo at this length, you could still walk through between the two-seaters - there would be a distance of 38 centimeters, i.e. similar to the difference between the ESV and the normal version. Incidentally, a Cadillac Escalade ESV weighs 471 kilograms per meter, compared to 406 for the Smart.

Cadillac /Patrick Lang
This is where the four predecessors of the upcoming Escalade have gathered. A comparison clearly shows how modern the full-size SUV has become.

Chassis and engines

The rear passengers in particular should appreciate thatFor the first time, a multilink rear axle with independent suspension is used, which sends the rumble, rigid-axle predecessor into retirement. There is also an optional new adaptive air suspension with height adjustment and Magnetic Ride Control. The chassis can automatically adjust to the existing payload. An electronic differential lock should also enable crisp, precise handling with all the comfort. The 420 hp go to the rear axle as standard, alternatively Cadillac also offers the full-size SUV with all-wheel drive.

The 623 Nm maximum torque (at 4,100 rpm) is not only achieved by the large V8, but also the three-liter six-cylinder diesel, which was offered for the first time, with a slightly narrower 277 hp. Both units are made of aluminum, a V-Sport version with up to 550 hp from a 4.2-liter twin turbo is to follow later as well as a purely electric version. With the combustion engines, an automatic ten-speed box divides the propulsion.

Extensive standard equipment

The curved display should guarantee optimal readability.

The offer includes five equipment levels from Luxury to Platinum Sport. There are extras such as seat heating, steering wheel heating, electric seats with memory function, three-zone automatic air conditioning, rain sensor, inductive smartphone charging cradle and 22-inch wheels as standard from the smallest equipment.

OLED infotainment is also in every execution on board. Two superimposed screens cover a total of 38 inches. The larger (rear) display is built in a curved shape and should guarantee optimal readability. Both screens have a resolution of 4K and, according to Cadillac, display more colors than any other display in the automotive industry.

Navigation with new gimmicks

Speaking of display: the navigation system is working with augmented reality elements. This means that directions are displayed at the appropriate time as virtual symbols floating on a real image of the road that the front cameras play in the cockpit. To make navigation even easier, the system gives acoustic signalsDirections accordingly. The command 'Now turn left', for example, only comes from the boxes on the left. The same also applies to the turn signal sound, which only comes from the side the driver intends to turn into.

There are enough speakers in the Escalade anyway. There are definitely 19 pieces, if you want to invest more, you get 36 pieces that are linked to three amplifiers. AKG Audio Reference System is the sonorous name of this option. This should be able to reproduce a 3D studio surround sound and each of the seven occupants can individually regulate the volume for their seat.

If the large audio system is booked, each occupant can regulate the volume individually for their seat.

The SUV not only takes on the role of a DJ, but also that of the driver if necessary - at least to a certain extent. Thanks to the 'Super Cruise' assistance system, level 2 autonomous driving is possible. For orientation on the road, the car uses a sensor system conglomerate of lidar map material, GPS data, radar and various cameras.

Up to 3,585 liters of cargo space

As an alternative to the up to six passengers, the space in the Escalade can also be filled with other cargo. The available cargo space varies depending on the number of rows of seats used. Behind the third there are 722 liters, up to the second 1,784 and up to the front row a whopping 3,089 liters. If you want to top it all off, choose the long version with a maximum value of 3,585 liters.

Compared to the previous model, the Escalade should offer up to 40 percent more legroom in the third row of seats. The aforementioned increase in length is responsible for this, but also an increase in the wheelbase to 3,071 millimeters (previously 2,946 millimeters). With a width of 2.06 meters, there is also no reason to be claustrophobic. The total height of the new Escalade is just under 1.95 meters. And if that shouldn't be enough overtaking prestige for a view in the rearview mirror, the opulent radiator grille and the clearly help on the newly designed frontsharper drawn lights.

Cadillac /Patrick Lang
The direct comparison with the previous model shows: The new one is more modern, sharper and is coming with significantly less bling-bling.

So far only US prices known

The new one is in the USA Escalade available now. The base price is $ 76,195, around $ 1,000 higher than its predecessor. The Premium Luxury version starts at $ 85,695, the sports version starts at $ 85,595. If the Platinum Package is added, the price for the last two versions rises to $ 101,745. The optional all-wheel drive costs an additional surcharge in all variants. There are no European prices for the new Escalade yet, but the old model was not available in this country for less than 100,000 euros.


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