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Buick Electra E5: Ultium electric SUV for China

The GM subsidiary Buick will launch its first electric SUV in China in 2023. Later, the model could also come to the USA. Now there are first glimpses of the interior.

With the Electra E5 mid-range SUV presented in December 2022, Buick has its sights set on Chinese premium customers, with the E5 only intended to be the start of an electric offensive that will span all mainstream segments should.

Plenty of space for five passengers

The 4.89 meter long, 1.90 meter wide and 1.66 meter high Electra E5 is based on the GM Ultium platform. With a wheelbase of 2,954 millimeters, it should offer plenty of space in the interior designed for five passengers. Up to 1,658 liters of storage space is available for luggage. The short overhangs and the long bonnet ensure balanced proportions. Sculptural finishes along the sides and muscular fenders add dynamic appeal. Numerous dark chrome accents contribute to the high-quality and sporty appearance. The design of the E5 is based on the Electra-X study that Buick presented in China in the summer of 2022.


No official data for the time being

Buick has not yet announced technical data for the E5. However, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) had already published the first key points as part of the homologation process. Accordingly, the Buick Electra E5 relies on a motor on the front axle that delivers 180 kW (245 hp). The maximum speed should be 180 km/h. A battery capacity or ranges were not published. A variant with two engines and then four-wheel drive will probably be added to the program later.

Mega display in the cockpit

In March 2023, around three months after the exterior presentation, GM is also providing a first look at the interior. The dashboard is dominated by a 30-inch wide and curved free-form OLED 6K display that GM calls Eyemax. When it comes to connectivity, the E5 relies on 5G technology. The multi-screen is supplemented by a 12.6-inch color head-up display that reflects important driving data such as speed and navigation onto the windshield. Numerous operating functions can be controlled by voice. Cell phones charge wirelessly and the keyless entry system bites drivers with a welcome light animation. Data updates or remote diagnostics are done over-the-air.

In addition, the Buick has an apparently floating dashboard and a center console with an additional storage compartment that also appears to be floating. In addition to voice control, there is also a central controller on the center console. Numerous backlit components and 121-color ambient lighting ensure the right mood lighting on board.

The Buick Electra E5 will be launched in China at the beginning of 2023. Later, the electric SUV could also have a career in the USA, after all the parent company General Motors has announced that Buick will also be launching electric models in the USA. In addition, GM has already had the model designations Electra E1 to Electra E9 protected for the USA. The first Buick electric model will be an SUV based on the Ultium platform. This is where the Chinese E5 comes in. Incidentally, this is being built by a SAIC-GM joint venture in China.


Buick brings its first electric model to the Chinese market with the Electra E5. The E5 could also take off in the USA from 2024.


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