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Bronco as an electronic classic from Gateway and Zero Labs

Zero Labs
Bronco as an expensive electronic classic
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W while the new Ford Bronco is still waiting the old models can be breathed new life on request. After Zero Labs Automotive from Los Angeles, Gateway Bronco from Hamel (US state Illinois), northeast of St. Louis, now also offers the off-road vehicle with electric drive. In addition, Gateway is completely overhauling the Ford models - and making them really expensive.

Gateway has received a license from Ford for its modifications. The restoration includes the installation of a new chassis and a new interior.

Electric motor in V8 look

The electric motor from Electric GT from Chatsworth, California, is a specialty. The engine should be easy to swap for the original Ford V8 and resembles a stylized combustion engine with a V-shaped cylinder arrangement. In the Gateway Bronco, it should deliver 194 kilowatts (264 hp) and generate a maximum torque of 447 Newton meters. In 6.5 seconds 97 km /h (60 miles per hour) should be achieved. A Tesla battery provides energy for 201 kilometers; there is a version with a range of 241 kilometers for an additional charge.

New chassis, new electric drive: Gateway Bronco licensed by Ford.

As a more powerful motor, there is an electric motor from Cascadia Motion from Wilsonville in the US state of Oregon with 362 kilowatts (492 hp) and 495 Newton meters of torque. This version is called Gateway Supercharged - in the combustion engine world this is the name for engines with supercharging. The supercharged version is in 4.8 seconds to 97 km /h. A Tesla battery with a capacity of 100 kilowatt hours is part of the standard specification, which means a rangeof 322 kilometers should be there.

Luxury prices

The driver in the Gateway Bronco does the shift work with a six-speed manual gearbox, the all-wheel drive is retained. There is also an off-road gear reduction and differential locks front and rear.

Gateway can pay for its Bronco conversions well: the Coyote Edition with Porsche leather interior starts at 250,000 dollars (currently around 225,235 euros) .

Zero Labs
With a futuristic touch: The electric Bronco from Zero Labs Automotive.

E-motor with five-speed -Gears at Zero Labs

The electrified classic from Zero Labs is equipped with a 275 kW and 240 Nm electric motor. The energy for the motor comes from a 70 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and should enable ranges of up to 305 kilometers. The electric motor is clamped together with a manual five-speed gearbox. There is also a two-stage reduction and selectable all-wheel drive. The ladder frame of the original Bronco is largely retained, but is upgraded with a Brembo six-piston system and a fully adjustable Fox chassis. The body on top is based on a steel structure and body panels made entirely of carbon fiber laminate.

The customer can have the interior decorated with walnut or bamboo applications. For the upholstery fabrics, there is a choice between leather or vegan materials.

The Electric Classic Ford Bronco is being built in a first batch of 150 copies, for which the order books have now been opened. The Zero Labs Bronco costs 185,000 US dollars, which is the equivalent of around 167,000 euros.


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