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Brabus Invicto VR6 Plus: Mercedes G-Class with thick armor

Brabus Automotive
Brabus Invicto VR6 Plus
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B rabus Automotive is breaking new ground with its special protection concept . Instead of individually welding the components of the protection system into the body structure of the vehicle, the engineers came up with something special: the so-called 'shelter cell', a self-contained, self-supporting protective cell. Its elements are disassembled, inserted into the body shell and then set up. According to Brabus, this has many advantages. On the one hand, there are no joints in the Invicto VR6 Plus because the material either overlaps at the seams or these areas are designed as a 'labyrinth'. On the other hand, the entrances do not have to be narrowed.

Certified according to resistance class VR6 Plus

Brabus is also upgrading the doors and tailgate with new protective elements. The structure of the upper windshield frame is created in the 3D printer, and the windows are of course made of bulletproof glass. When testing its armor, Brabus Automotive claims that it goes to great lengths. With its new process, the Bottropers want to have achieved the level of protection and quality that Mercedes guarantees even with a special protection G-Class.

Brabus Automotive
Compared to the normal G-Class, the Brabus Invicto has a reinforced frame, an upgraded chassis and wheels with a higher load capacity.

Brabus has had the Invicto certified according to resistance class VR6 Plus. Means: The car keeps iron core projectiles of the caliber 7.62 x 39 millimeters if they are fired from ten meters by an assault rifle like the AK-47 and the impact speed for example720 m /s. The fire department certifies that the Invicto has a high level of protection against explosions; therefore the plus in the resistance class. So it can withstand hand grenades as well as 12.5 kg PETN or 15 kg TNT explosive charges.

Reinforced chassis, larger brakes

To account for the additional weight of around one ton wear, Brabus makes extensive changes to the chassis. The people from the Ruhr area not only adapt the front and rear axle construction, but also install specially developed wheel suspensions and strengthen the frame in the area of ​​the side members and the spring domes. The springs are just as efficient as the stabilizers and shock absorbers. Larger brakes - with 402-millimeter discs and six-piston calipers at the front, with 380-mm discs and four-piston calipers at the rear - are used, as are 9.5 x 20-inch rims with a higher load capacity. The mounted 275/50 tires have an emergency running system.

Under the Invicto brand (from the Latin for 'invincible'), Brabus Automotive will in future be bundling all activities that have to do with special protection conversions for automobiles. The Mercedes G-Class is the debut in this area and comes in three versions based on either the G 500 or the 63 AMG. The Invicto Pure plays the role of the basic model and can hardly be distinguished from the production car. Completely in contrast to the luxury variant, which has a wide body kit and, on request, can have an increase in performance to 800 PS and attachments in carbon fiber.

Brabus Automotive
The seats of the Mission variant are cut so that the occupants can wear protective vests.

Invicto Mission - ready for anything

The Invicto Mission, optimized for the military, police, emergency services, special forces and security companies, appears even more extroverted. The scope of equipment includes things like a cable winch, powerful LED auxiliary headlights on the roof rack, signal lights behind the windscreen and remote-controlled searchlights at the rear. Inside there are four individual seats with five-point seat belts. The seating is cut to accommodate theEnable occupants to wear protective vests. In addition, there is a fresh air system including an ABC filter, an infrared package with night vision device and a monitoring system for monitoring and navigation.

Brabus is of course happy to meet any additional individual customer requests at any time. Then it goes beyond the base price of 354,600 euros. The Invicto can be ordered immediately, the production of the small series is currently starting.


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