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BMW X7 Nishijin Edition: Only for Japan and only for 3

BMW Individual is launching an exclusive model of the X7 for Japan. Only three copies of the SUV with Nishijin color art in the interior will be launched.

Exclusively for the Japanese market, BMW is launching a special model based on the BMW X7. Interior trims and upholstery fabrics in the style of Japanese Nishijin color art characterize the BMW X7 Nishijin Edition. But not only the equipment is unique, the availability is also extremely limited. The Bavarians only want to produce three copies, which will only be offered on the BMW website in Japan. Deliveries are scheduled to take place later this year. The base model for the Nishijin Edition is the X7 40d xDrive in the Pure Excellence trim level with its hybrid turbo diesel drive. It delivers 340 hp and provides up to 700 Nm of torque.

Foil technology ensures an individual look

An exterior finish in the BMW Individual color ametrine ensures an exclusive appearance. Integrated aluminum flakes ensure an iridescent color that ranges from violet to red to blue and yellow, depending on the incidence of light. In the interior, the special paint meets a full leather interior in ivory white. The Alcantara headliner features a Nishijin color pattern. The applications in the interior also feature the Nishijin look. Foils applied with Japanese paper are applied directly to the components and then additionally equipped with gold and silver foils and painted. This process is repeated five times, giving the surfaces their colorfulness and visual depth. Here, too, a changing incidence of light ensures a changing look. BMW also uses a similar film technique in the design of the full leather center armrest and the headliner.

The Nishijin Edition of the BMW X7 is offered at prices from the equivalent of around 143,330 euros, whereby this price does not include taxes or additional costs. ,


BMW offers the X7 in Japan in a particularly exclusive Nishijin Edition. The Nishijin color art, which exclusively decorates the interior, is characteristic and namesake.


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