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BMW X6 M in the super test on the Nordschleife: With the X6 colossus on the Nordschleife

Rossen Gargolov
BMW X6 M in the super test on the Nordschleife
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M let's pay attention to the test of the BMW X6 M just like the gnarled professor in the cult film 'Die Feuerzangenbowle' when he answered the question asked in broad dialect to his students - 'What is a steam machine?' - delivered the solution for a coherent answer in one go: 'Just make a fool of us and say, the steam machine is a big, round, black room.'

This original approach Complex topics are ideal whenever the object to be explained is difficult to explain simply by looking at it. A so-called 'Sports Activity Coupé', as it is represented by the BMW X6 in its now strongest M version according to the manufacturer BMW, is difficult to deal with just by looking at it from the outside. You have to have moved it with your own hands to get a little closer to the impressive character of this showman, obviously classified as an SUV coupé.

A luxury SUV coupé with 555 hp under the hood

Given the space available in a large, four-door sedan, the lush dimensions of a veritable off-road vehicle and the distinctive curvature of the back of a coupé, the four-seater all-wheel drive BMW X6 presents itself as an automotive hybrid. There has never been anything like it before in this form and form. The concept of the crossover model prepared by M GmbH in Garching comes close to the steam engine cited at the beginning, in that the high-legged four-door model operates at the same level of performance as the machine that, by definition, is mostly capable of towing loads of tons or a dozen of trailers To move.

A BMW X6 M with a trailer coupling could easily cope with this kind of disdainful transport tasks due to its kilowatts - if its sporty outfit and its elegantly luxurious interior would not completely oppose this pungent smell of work. The violence hidden behind the 4.4-liter V8 engine with twin-turbo charging can of course also be used differently: The rapid transport of one to four people plus luggage over long stages should be the primary purpose of this huge 20- Zöllern be rolling cars. Its power (555 hp) and weight (2,343 kilograms) initially merge into a generally somewhat strange, but ultimately very impressive performance. She candriving even critical ghosts out of defensive stance after a few kilometers of driving pleasure.

How lightly the heavyweight jumps out of the starting block and how the SUV coupé is pulled towards the horizon by an imaginary bundle of pre-tensioned bungee ropes is what makes him so Hardly any classic sports car can match this calm and nonchalance. With a dull, rumbling undertone, but never obtrusive acoustics, the crew pushes it into the shapely armchairs as forcefully as if a twin-engine Canadair jet was under full thrust about to lose the ground under its wheels.

The variable all-wheel drive brings the power of the X6 M onto the road

The eight-cylinder engine doesn't care about the external circumstances under which it is Kraft-Werk is supposed to perform: Thanks to the ingenious interaction with its six-speed automatic transmission connected to it and the all-wheel drive that variably distributes the power between the front and rear axles, it is in a remarkable position to implement the power selectively and without losses in an almost rapid manner - of course even in wet conditions .

Only the positive features are left of the well-known turbo characteristic: The huge torque table is just one example. As far as the sensitive response, the linear power build-up and the revving power are concerned, the twin-turbo V8, which operates with exhaust manifolds across the cylinder banks, does the same as the best currently available vacuum cleaners - which of course means that it is also recommended for use in the next BMW M5 model. Incidentally, the two turbochargers, including the catalytic converters, are housed in the V-cut of the engine, which not only significantly minimizes pressure loss due to the short pipe length, but also represents an extremely space-saving arrangement.

Convincing six-speed automatic transmission of the BMW X6 M

The only six-speed automatic transmission available in the BMW X6 M proves its high level of development simply by the fact that it masters both the classic automatic function perfectly can shine from a sporting point of view. The acoustically very attractive double-throttle thrusts and the short and smooth gear changes in manual sport mode make them the perfect addition to the engine.

All of this would only be worth half as much if it weren't for the chassis, to be able to enjoy the power and magnificence of this new drive to the full. As the lap times in Hockenheim and on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring show, the BMW X6 M cannot be denied a distinctive sporty profile, even if there is little sympathy for this type of sporting activity. The only difference is that the driver and crew can confidently look down from above at the sports car guild that has been banished to the lowest laneDriving feeling not much different from that of a veritable sports sedan.

Massive body, very good brakes

The appropriate tightness of the spring /damper system as well as the low tendency of the massive body to sag in curves, once again confirms the assumption made at an early stage that we are dealing with a special type of sports car.

This is also confirmed by the qualities in the brake sector that are often neglected. Even when it is hot, the braking system, which works with conventional steel disks and four-piston fixed calipers at the front and a floating caliper construction on the rear axle, does not reveal any significant signs of weakness. We wisely leave it to the interpretation of those customers who, for other reasons, cannot warm to a sports model of this weight and size class whether this is also valid with regard to the operating resources.


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