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BMW X5 xDrive 40e in the test

Jan Mayor
BMW X5 xDrive 40e in the test
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S You absolutely want to drive a full-size SUV, because of a high seating position, majestic feeling and so on? And still not being pelted with bulgur bombs by the soy milk gurglers in the vegan shop? Difficult, but the BMW X5 40e would at least be worth a try. It is the € 68,400 redemption of a promise. German manufacturers can also use hybrid, in this case even plug-in. BMW combines the two-liter gasoline engine with a 113 hp electric motor that elegantly flanges to the eight-speed automatic. Both together wuppen 313 hp, noticeably above all the 250 Newton meters of torque from the electric motor, which are immediately available. With a full nine-kilowatt-hour battery, the 2,320-kilogram BMW X5 xDrive 40e can be moved up to 21 kilometers purely electrically, and therefore locally emission-free.

X5 xDrive 40e with electric tailwind

The typical commuter no longer emits anything harmful, even brake dust is a thing of the past, as predictive pilots almost exclusively decelerate with a generator. The conventional system only becomes active when the brakes are applied heavily; the admixture runs just as skilfully as that of the two engines. There are no annoying jolts, and while the gasoline engine is already struggling noticeably with the 2.3 tonnes without support, it runs fine with an electric tailwind. Powerful and cultivated, the 40e does not have to hide from the six-cylinder 30d with seven seconds to 100 km /h in the sprint. And the consumption? Of course, it strongly depends on the driving profile. Purely hybrid, i.e. without extra power charging on the network, its gasoline engine sucks almost twelve liters through the nozzles in the test, economically moves 8.3 l /100 km.

In practice, you move somewhere in between, depending on the Number of additional charges. The X5 xDrive 40e with instructions and special strategies via the standard navigation system Professional and the Eco-Pro program helps to be particularly efficient on the road. Driving pleasure on top of that; Even as a plug-in hybrid, the BMW X5 xDrive 40e retains its feedback-friendly steering, lively handling and excellent usability. The luggage compartment has shrunk slightly, but 500 to 1,720 liters shouldn't pose any serious problems with space.


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