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BMW X2 M35i in the driving report (2019)

BMW X2 M35i in the driving report
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Even if the B MW X2 M35i as The top version of the series does not cause twisted necks when driving past, as it differs from its model siblings. The borders of the front air inlets and the kidney grille are kept in a matt metallic gray look, as are the caps on the exterior mirrors and the ten-centimeter tailpipe trims. In addition, blue-painted brake calipers peek out from behind the spokes of the alloy wheels.

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
The X2 M35i cockpit with a grippy M-steering wheel.

At the front and rear the good space in the interior of course nothing changes, but the equipment is sometimes remarkably different. For the first time, real M-seats with integrated headrests await the occupants at the front. The backrests and cheeks grip the rider's torso with great lateral support and nobody complains of signs of fatigue even after hours of twisting around. Further distinguishing features to all other X2 are M - Sill sills, a shiny metallic M footrest, the thick, grippy M leather steering wheel and the seat belts that cost 300 euros because they are embroidered with a longitudinal seam in the M colors.

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
For an extra charge of 300 euros there are seat belts with an embroidered M-seam.

Chassis with significant spread

The X2 M35i is equipped with an adaptive chassis, an M sport chassis is available as an option. But the 'normal' adaptive chassis is completely sufficient for a sporty, ambitious break: it braces itself strongly against swaying and ensures even more curving greed - after all, the more relaxed, motorized conspecifics of the crossover SUV are already known as cornering experts. The mechanical locking differential installed as standard on the front axle helps with the Hatz - the other X2s don't even get that for an extra charge. And the X2 M35i is only available with all-wheel drive, which not only increases traction enormously when bending. Swiftly waving is a real pleasure with the little pug, so unconditionally he throws himself into every tight curve. On the autobahn, the most powerful X2 is really full and stable. In sport mode, the chassis is tight - as expected. The spread to 'normal' can be clearly felt, now the X2 takes the ground in the style of a completely normal 3 Series, so still with a slightly sporty attitude. With Eco pro there is almost something like smoothness in the combination of springs and dampers, with all modes passing on short transverse grooves.

The steering works precisely and directly, but BMW's absolute desire for a very sporty appearance is received At the expense of the feedback: Especially in sport mode, the opposing forces are so strong that they dampen the feedback from the road a little. The X2-M35i driver does not have to worry about adequate deceleration values: The stoppers with their 36-centimeter discs at the front grip so courageously that sensitive contemporaries might speak of 'too snappy' when braking from slow driving - and when it comes to the Emergency braking from high speeds then be happy about the strong technical helpers.

Wolfgang Groeger -Meier
makes 306 hpthe 2.0-liter four-cylinder in the BMW X2 M35i.

engine much more powerful than in the other X2

Although the engine of the X2 M35i has a displacement of only two liters, it still delivers 306 hp. Even more impressive is the maximum torque of 450 Newton meters, which is available in the broad engine speed range from 1,750 to 4,500 rpm. In order to arrive at these values, the engineers had to redesign a lot. There are larger main bearings, the air enters the combustion chambers via a new intake duct, the boost pressure of the twin-scroll turbocharger that separates the exhaust gas pulses has risen to 2.7 to 2.9 bar and the exhaust gas back pressure is lower. For this purpose, the specialists developed a new exhaust system, which in turn required new rear axle supports due to the installation space. The exhaust system contains a flap control, the flap, again due to the installation space, is located in the left of the two tailpipes - with most other BMW flap control it is on the right.

Is the extensive conversion work worth it? Sure: the engine hangs very willingly on the accelerator, ensuring that the X2, which weighs almost 1.7 tons, starts to spurt off unimaginably. The acceleration value speaks volumes: The reference sprint is ticked off in 4.9 seconds, the next best is the xDrive20i with a much slower 7.6 seconds. In terms of top speed, the M35i is the only one that reaches 250 km /h, here the sDrive20i comes closest with 227 km /h. The high-performance 19-inch tires, which cost 950 euros, also help with performance. There are also 20-inch models, but the Pirelli sport tires for the best performance are only available in 19-inch.

Sailing tour with Eco Pro

The exuberant performance of the M35i is always present , but there is a driving mode that negotiates it just fine. While sport is a celebration of snappy response and permanent lying in wait, and 'Comfort' is still really lively, Eco Pro ensures, among other things, sailing that is perfectly tame. In city traffic, the coordination not only helps with the unexcited approach of the drive train, but also with a socially compatible sound. Finally, the engine roars and growls in sport mode, as if it had six instead of four cylinders. There is a lot of artificial sound in it: acceptable if you don't keep thinking about the real number of cylinders. Such distinctive engine tones are now more suitable for country roads and motorways, in the city the noise could seem a bit out of date. Eco pro provides a remedy here with whisper-quiet gliding.

Crisp automatic with real manual shift mode

An eight-speed automatic is always responsible for shifting in the X2 M35i. The engineers have also ambitiously coordinated these with the overall sporting concept. In sport mode, you can feel and hear it slam into the gears - extremely jagged and precise. The switching work takes place in comfort modeAs expected, it is more neat and with Eco pro it takes place almost imperceptibly. If the selector lever is in the 'D' position, the driver can use the paddles to select the gear of his choice at any time. If the system notices, based on a constant accelerator position, for example, that the desire to shift gears has passed, it reverts to automatic mode. It is different when the lever is pushed into the “M” position: Now there is a real manual shift feeling, the gear currently engaged remains relentlessly engaged until the driver decides on the next gear or again on the automatic mode.

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