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BMW X1 x-Drive 28i in the test: Premium SUV with a powerful heart

Hans-Dieter Seufert
BMW X1 x-Drive 28i in the test
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W driving is a basic rule of winter driving. Then you can move quickly and safely even on snow. So all the better if a motor helps, which implements gas commands without delay and as harmoniously as if the pedal were anchored directly in the spinal cord.

The six-cylinder pushes the X1 powerfully

The most powerful engine in the BMW X1 is one of those. The fact that the in-line six-cylinder units are enthroned in the absolute top class of modern engine construction is now part of the general knowledge of every car fan. What doesn’t change the fact that the way the lengthways aluminum-magnesium blocks unfold their power is always inspiring. Let's leave it open why we BMW with the The strange designation 28i wants to suggest a lack of displacement - the three-liter intake manifold injector pushes the 1.7-tonner with greater power. Not only off-road fans are happy that no turbocharger suddenly starts destroying the river under 2,000 tours.

A delicate shyness is hardly noticeable, as the six-speed automatic shifts gears at lightning speed. Over 5,000 tours, where even the fastest turbo diesels stifle, the vacuum cleaner turns on again. The sound flows thick and powerful into the ear. As in the 1er-BMW (back then with 265 hp, today with 258 hp) the six-cylinder ennobles the model.

The X1 confidently brings its power to the road

The all-wheel drive with its rear-heavy base is tuned to pull even on snow ( to the all-wheel drive system comparison test ) easily to the front. The electronically controlled multi-plate clutch located in the middle pushes the power to the front axle in a tenth of a second when there is increased slip. On a dry road, BMW's smallest SUV sprints to 100 km /h in 7.1 seconds. Most of the other soft off-roaders puff ( to BMW X1-comparison test ) only afterwards.

The X1 loves a speedy driving style, but fails in terms of comfort

The X1, born from the 1 and 3 platform, likes fast driving anyway. Then he plays his handling cards, happily whips around corners and wags his tail lightly when the gas is boldly used or when the load changes. This is a lot of fun, especially on snow, when a fountain of flakes sprinkles the side windows. The pilot hardly notices that it belongs to the SUV category with its slightly raised seating position, also because of the precise and almost completely drive-free steering. Only when it comes to comfort does he show no excessive motivation and sometimes bumps stiffly over faults.

The quality impression deserves criticism

His quality impression also deserves criticism: Mag the hard plastic-heavy interior of the entry-level model for around 30,000 euros is still in order, it looks completely out of place in the basic 28i, which already costs 41,500 euros. With a few extras, the X1 buyer almost scratches the 50,000 euro mark, but he can expect loving details - Audi offers this in the Q5 as a matter of course.

Which doesn't change the fact that an X1 in this form is a successful car for committed drivers with winter sports ambitions: fast, handy, High-traction, sufficiently spacious and not too big and heavy to offend when braking and maneuvering. You just have to be able to afford it.


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