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BMW X1 S-Drive 18d in the driving report: Enjoyment of the base

Reinhard Schmid
BMW X1 S-Drive 18d in the driving report
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B asis - that sounds like dusty crispbread and lukewarm mineral water in medium. The BMW X1 18d is different. The current X1 entry-level model tingles not only because of the noticeable vibrations of its two-liter diesel engine.

Air conditioning and stereo are standard

After getting in, the little X takes over its driver. More BMW 1 Series in maxi format than a spacious SUV, he embraces it with its cockpit-like interior design. In addition, however, it even stores full-size bottles in its door pockets and all kinds of small items in additional shelves. The trunk volume is just as average as the variability. A sliding back seat like the VW Tiguan is not on the program. But there is a bunch of extras that can be used to upgrade the X1, which costs 29,800 euros. You can already live with the standard equipment, which includes at least air conditioning and a stereo system as well as a leather steering wheel. The average consumption is less than seven liters also on board. They help the 143 hp two-liter quite successfully to scrimp. On average, it consumes 6.9 L /100 km - not bad considering the level of vigor. The common rail four-cylinder responds spontaneously, prevents a turbo lag and revs up homogeneously. But you shouldn't expect a silky run, any more than lively turning power. He prefers to drive in the medium speed range, where he pushes with his 320 Newton meters. The agile handling of the rear-wheel-driven X1 s-Drive could take even more. The precise, somewhat stiff steering and the tail-biased vote stimulate brisk cornering. The road surface shouldn't be all too bad, because the tightly tuned chassis distributes dry kicks and knuffles there.

All-wheel drive costs 2,000 euros surcharge

On dry roads, there is relatively little noticeable of the abandonment of all-wheel drive. If it gets slippery, the 1.6-tonner hangs out the rear cheekily with a jagged driving style - before the ESP intervenes. Here the all-wheel drive could show its driving safety advantage through the situation-dependent power distribution. Whether this advantage is worth 2,000 euros, however, everyone has to do for themselvesdecide on the purpose.


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