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BMW Vision iNext (2021): First virtual ride at the CES

BMW Vision iNext (2021)
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The series version of the Vision iNext will not be on the market until 2021. But already at the CES in Las Vegas B MW the exhibition visitors a first tour in an autonomous electric car - but only virtually. After putting on VR glasses, a “mixed reality” simulation begins that will beam the iNext driver to a megacity in 2025. First, the “Intelligent Personal Assistant” plans the optimal daily routine before the person takes over the wheel. Once on the highway, the BMW takes care of the driving. The interior is transformed into a mobile office while the occupant takes part in a video conference, makes purchases on the Internet and streams a sports broadcast. The simulation is intended to illustrate the seamless networking of the vehicle with the customer's environment.

We had the opportunity to take a very close look at the BMW Vision iNext some time ago. It is very conspicuous from the outside, but it will certainly not please everyone: At the front, still something like the face of a car, the extremely large BMW kidney grille dominates. It looks a bit like the oversized teeth of a giant rodent. For my taste it is more than a touch too big and therefore a bit too dominant.

In contrast to the internal combustion engine, there is no cooling air for the engine here, but behind it there is space for the sensors for autonomous driving . Due to the large 24-inch wheels, the approximately 5-meter-long SAV looks quite compact, and the shape itself is more reminiscent of a sporty van than of a sedan, station wagon or SUV. The Range Rover Velar may currently have a similar shape.

Interior with invisible controls

BMW The rear is also comfortable for 1.91 meters tall people.

They open silently Doors and give a clear view of the future of BMW. I have the opportunity to take a closer look at the new BMW Vision iNext.

Anyone who has always wanted to drive in a rolling boutique hotel can now do so in the BMW Vision iNext. The designers of the Vision iNext have implemented what is so beautifully called hyggelig (loosely translated as cozy) - more lounge and Fläz sofa than real back seats. Thanks to jacquard fabric, the whole thing is more reminiscent of the grandmother's couch, but there is plenty of space in the second row. It is definitely clean and has nothing of the mass-production back seat. Even with my height of 1.91 meters, you can sit there very comfortably and enjoy the view of the extremely reduced interior space.

Because there are no buttons in the concept car - there are touch-sensitive surfaces in the back seat and let in on the armrest between driver and front passenger. It remains to be seen what will come of this into series production - but control elements embedded in surfaces are currently very much in fashion. In addition to button-free operation, iNext offers the option of projecting various videos and photos onto all possible surfaces using a projector in the headliner.

Steering wheel? Pedals? Can go!

At the front, the wooden floor in particular creates the impression of living room - and the cockpit, which is hardly recognizable as such, is built up in front of you. Pedals and steering wheel disappear at the push of a button and allow the driver to concentrate on the videos on the main screen.

The extremely relaxed access to the interior is also not standard: because during the study, like the i3, invitingly large doors opens in the opposite direction and dispenses with the B-pillar, the i5, which is the name of the production car, will have conventional doors.


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