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BMW iX M60 in the test: Fascinating, but no M

The test explains why the large, 455 kW electric SUV is completely wrong in taking the M for a walk - and yet it is fascinating.

Certainly, with an electric SUV that costs 135,500 euros and wants to be integrated into the traditional M family, the BMW marketing strategists have to unpack the big cutlery. There is talk of "the best of three worlds: i, X and M", as well as "outstanding cornering dynamics". The latter still haunts you when you're scurrying along your favorite country road (yes, this verb even applies to this 2.6-ton suitcase) and thinks: No every time you turn in. Not outstanding. Even adjusted for the factor of the possibly higher speed level compared to a combustion engine, precisely because the acoustic feedback is missing due to the concept, the iX remains at a distance from the driver even as an M.

A lot of comfort, little sport

The chassis with double wishbone front axle, five-link rear axle, two-chamber air suspension, adaptive shock absorbers and rear axle steering should have an M-specific tuning, which, however, is far behind that of pronounced, sometimes in the other Remains in the direction of exaggerated heartiness. And yes, this also means the M-Performance models based on the X5 and X6.


So it stays with the entertaining bustle; to do this, the steering does not have to provide more feedback than it is capable of anyway. The body can continue to work with a noticeable tendency to roll and roll, the seats do not have to provide more lateral support than the adjustable cheeks allow.

Extreme power

However, the rather soft upholstery of the comfortable armchair proves to be particularly helpful at the moment when you stomp the right pedal into the carpeting with maximum motivation in Sport mode. Then the two externally excited synchronous machines squeeze a maximum torque of 1,015 Newton meters out of their windings, which could otherwise cause the vertebrae to crack. When starting using the launch control, 1,100 Newton meters accumulate, which accelerate the test car from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds - factory information confirms. And: It brakes like hell at 11.5 m/s². At this point, the weight of the BMW should be mentioned again: 2,599 kilograms. Absurd? Possibly. Exciting? In any case! And not just once.


But hey, the M60 actually shines as a very comfortable touring car with quite harmonious suspension comfort, which the all-round 275/40 R 22 wheels hardly spoil. There is also plenty of space for passengers, but not so much for luggage. And how long does it take to travel like this? Based on the test consumption of 33.6 kWh/100 km, the battery with a net capacity of 105.2 kWh has to be returned to the charging station after 354 kilometers. There, the iX likes it more leisurely than dynamic; it often charges with only up to 150 kW instead of the maximum possible 195 kW. A full charge (including charging losses) on the wall box takes eleven hours.

On the other hand, if you don't use the crazy acceleration or the top speed (250 km/h), you can easily cover just over 500 kilometers. Then you don't drive around as a traffic obstruction, but certainly not as an M. But that should scratch BMW from this iX anyway, especially because the manufacturer, in a fit of cockiness, even tries the unique M3 CSL (E46) for comparison. Only in relation to the material carbon, but this cutlery is simply one size too big.


With the iX M60, BMW is building a comfortable SUV with brilliant longitudinal dynamics – with a reasonably acceptable range and rather dull handling.


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