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BMW Alpina XD3 in the test: 800 Nm diesel torque

Apparently the torque pool wasn't full enough: the diesel now develops 800 instead of 770 Nm. Test.

The calming effect of a detour is one of the most underestimated phenomena. Traffic jam on the anyway speed-limited freeway? Simply: leave. And then the road suddenly tumbles happily between vineyards into the river valley, where the Upper Rhine is currently considering becoming the Middle Rhine. ,

Only a little traffic encourages you to press the Sport button, the XD3 moves a little closer to you: the dampers tighten, the response of the three-liter engine comes to a head. But: everything remains casual, everything remains sovereign. Hectic switching operations? No. As is typical for Alpina, the eight-speed automatic transmission remains in "D", the driver would have to actively select "S" – but he doesn't really need it. Never.

Always awake, always boost


Why? Because the BMW B57 engine, which has since been phased out, gives an unequivocal answer to all load queries from just above idle speed: torque. The cooling has been adapted to match the X3 environment and has been optimized in terms of flow and software, and the quadruple turbo engine only develops 800 Nm at Alpina – at 1,750 rpm. That, in turn, is enough to accelerate the 2,134 kg SUV from a standstill to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds with relative ease. Okay, an X3 M40i can do that too - but it consumes well over the 8.4 liters per 100 km of the Alpina. In addition, there is the unexcited bass sound of its engine.

But even if the drive produces so wonderfully deeply relaxed power and power, the XD3 with a standard limited-slip differential on the rear axle, modified control electronics and 20-inch wheels can be shooed through hairpin bends quite boldly. It remains neutral for a long time, conveys a high level of driving safety thanks to the integrated seating position and the reliably feedback steering (plus: pleasantly balanced holding forces and not too thick steering wheel rim) - and even a little suspension comfort. The latter increases significantly in Comfort mode, but less significantly than expected in Alpina's own Comfort Plus mode. On the Autobahn, it is noticeable that, at least without a load, rougher suggestions from short bumps come through surprisingly clumsily into the driver's seat.

So back to the Comfort start-up mode, which actually always fits, lets the XD3 drive lively and balanced. Definitely also on detour routes.


Anyone who appreciates the efficient nonchalance of a diesel will find a superior example in the XD3: cultivated, powerful, economical - packed in an SUV with ambitious handling. Less sovereign: the suspension comfort.


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