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Audi Q5 tuning from Abt, MTM and Wendland

Achim Hartmann
Audi Q5 tuning by Abt, MTM and Wendland
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E in Audi Q5 in tuning Dress no longer has to hide today. Gone are the days when tuned off-road vehicles were admired or even smiled at as exotic vehicles. Strictly speaking, until their starting products finally arrived from the Ackerschlick in the city chic and have been called SUVs ever since. Now, as in our driving report, tuned Audi Q5s are receiving mainly interested looks.

Audi Q5 tuning from Abt, MTM and Wendland

Wherever it appears, the Audi Q5 tuning is the Kempten-based VW and Audi specialists Abt admired. The big cheeks with the wide tires standing far outside pump him up to the master proper under the Audi Q5. In combination with the Darth Vader radiator grille, the body kit (7,430 euros including rear silencer) makes the Audi an intimidating tuning appearance.

The tuned Audi Q5 from MTM rolls up to the driving report more discreetly, but hardly less powerfully - like the Abt on 20-inch rims, but with 255 instead of 275 tires and with a subtle, sonorous deep bass. You could almost misunderstand the three-liter TDI as a gasoline engine. With this, the Ingolstadt-based VW and Audi tuner succeeds in what few have done so far: giving a diesel a pleasant, sporty tone.

The Wendland Audi Q5, on the other hand, does without decorative tuning jewelery. In the Swabian province, the Wendland brothers optimize engines; their products are mostly unpretentious, but march strongly forward.

Wendland shows the tuned Audi Q5 in the S-line

And this time too, the Rangendinger auto motor und sport are providing a standard-looking Audi Q5 3.0 TDI to the driving report in the yard, only in the regalia of Audi's own S-Line - but with 280 PS and 600 Nm under the hood (engine tuning: 990 euros). Abt sends his tuning Audi Q5 into the race with nominally two more horsepower and increases the standard 500 by 60 Nm (2,220 euros), tuner MTM marks the top with 600 Nm and 300 hp (1,416 euros). For comparison: Audi delivers the Q5 with 240 hp.

Electronic optimization has changed significantly over the years. The mail order business, which brought chip tuning into disrepute, only equips second-hand models. Because new control units such as the EDC 17 of the Audi Q5 can no longer simply be replaced as they used to be. Most serious tuners today work according to the following method: The data status of the customer car isread out and saved on an external computer.

The engine of the Audi Q5 is being pushed

In order to increase performance, the technician normally increases the boost pressure on turbo engines, in the case of the Audi Q5 it increases around 0.2 bar. It then adjusts the amount of fuel injected. The pushed engine is tested on the roller dynamometer at all speeds, and the data is permanently written to the standard control unit. Although the tuners operate in a similar manner, the characteristics of their engines are different; the many parameters in the control unit leave enough room for interpretation.

Audi Q5 tuning from MTM with advantages

The Wendland-Audi Q5 starts early in the driving report, subliminally and evenly, without any noticeable torque hump. That feels unspectacular at first, but leads to very good performance: In the zero to 100 km /h sprint, it undercuts the optimistic factory specification for the series of 6.5 seconds by only a tenth - but even the last of auto motor und sport measured series Audi Q5 3.0 TDI came in here only 7.6 seconds.

Today's SUVs are usually luxuriously equipped and weigh accordingly. The scales determine the MTM-Audi Q5 as the heaviest in the driving report round; he brings it to 2,090 kilograms. And yet the engine speed snaps up almost at full boost pressure. The transition between suction and charging area can be clearly felt. The thrust sensation peaks at around 2,000 rpm, and gentle pressure rests on the upper body of the passengers when the torque spray splashes.

In the standard sprint, the measuring device attests the MTM-Audi Q5 an excellent 6.3 seconds in the driving report. Only above 170 km /h does it fall slightly behind the Wendland: The wide 255 tires brake. The Abt-Audi Q5 initially leaves a subdued feeling. It comes out of the starting hole with a delay and needs 6.8 seconds up to 100 km /h. During a check it turns out that the full boost pressure was not built up due to a leak in the turbo system. After the repair, the value improved by five tenths. However, it is the least economical with fuel during the consumption trip: On average it needs 11.4 liters per 100 kilometers, while the MTM-Audi Q5 in the driving report is satisfied with 10.4 and the Wendland with 9.8 liters.

Tuned Audi Q5 impressed by Wendland

If you want to increase the performance of your Q5 for little money, you should go with the Wendland optimization. As a total package, however, the MTM stands out. Compared to the Wendland, which serves as a reference, and its S-Line chassis from Audi, the MTM-Audi Q5 plunges lively into curves. It completes both the driving dynamics tests and the wet handling course in Boxberg a touch faster than the Abt-Audi Q5 - although it has the best grip conditions with 275 tires.However, he reacts to a change of direction in the driving report with a slightly nervous rear axle and subsequently with powerful ESP interventions.

Abt (779 euros) and MTM (749 euros) combine the adaptive, adjustable, optionally available in the Q5 Shock absorbers with shorter springs. Although the body is set lower, the comfort hardly deteriorates. Here, too, the MTM-Audi Q5 is ahead - compared to the Abt, its tires have a slightly higher cross-section (45 instead of 40) and absorb bumps better. Despite lowering, hardly any losses in the suspension and despite enormous thrust still acceptable consumption - the Q5 tuning result delivered by MTM should further fuel interest in tuned SUVs like the Audi Q5.


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