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Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro in the test
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Z ufall that especially women Looking after the Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro with delight? Could the compact SUV be one of those automotive womanizers to which hearts fly magnetically even before the inner values ​​are checked? Then you can only congratulate Audi. Because no matter how the 177 hp top model with standard all-wheel drive and dual clutch transmission ends the practical test, the success of the newest member of the Q family is certain.

The Audi Q3 is the smallest among the ringed SUVs in length 24, in width and height but around five centimeters less than the Q5 and weighs over 250 kilograms less. The compact one could be the result of a night of love between the A1 and the Q5. From a technical point of view, however, the Audi Q3 is the first representative of the so-called modular transverse matrix, on whose platform the A3 and VW Golf successors will stand.

Generous interior space for four adults in the Audi Q3

Rather the Audi Q3 already has the features of a long-legged hatchback model. And that suggests a practical benefit, which brings families as buyers into play. But there is hardly any flexibility to discover: the rear seating can neither be moved lengthways nor the backrest adjusted in incline. The trunk can only be expanded in the most conventional way by folding down the rear seat backrest - divided, but many small cars can already do that today.

More than a blemish is the pronounced step in the floor, which is created after folding down, and the high one Loading sill. After all, Audi offers a reversible floor free of charge that compensates for them. Then, however, the loading volume of the Audi Q3 continues to shrink - and at 460 it is almost 100 liters below that of the lifestyle competitor BMW X1. Anyone who wants to transport ladders must have the through-loading facilityOrder (155 euros) including the flattening function of the passenger backrest (150 euros) - this at least results in a minimum of variability. We also recommend the tensionable net for holding small objects (80 euros). The trunk offers the necessary lashing eyes as standard. Bulky things usually have to be left outside with a view to the cuboid; There is only a small opening between the low roof and the towering loading edge of the Audi Q3, which also divides the parcel shelf that does not swing upwards. The latter has to be laboriously removed. Practical aspects were not the top priority during the development.

Trunk space only sufficient for shopping

Childless couples should The trunk, which can be used with limited use, is of course enough, but it should not satisfy the heads of families. The Audi Q3 can easily take the average shopping yield of two friends, but if you really need storage space, you should grab a Q5.

There is at least enough parking space for odds and ends in the Audi Q3. For example, in the form of compartments in the front side panels including holders for 1.5-liter PET bottles as well as compartments in the center console and in the rear door panels. The storage package for 100 euros is also recommended; It includes nets on the back of the front seat backrests and in the passenger footwell, as well as a compartment under the front seats. Folding tables behind the seat backs, on the other hand, are not part of the range of accessories.

But there are some luxuries such as a panoramic glass roof, LEDs for the interior, a surround sound system from Bose with 465 watts and the hard drive navigation system MMI navigation plus including a fold-out, seven-inch monitor (2,725 euros). It comes from the A1, sits on the dashboard of the Audi Q3 and also has to be extended and retracted by hand. What is still acceptable in a small car does not look befitting in a compact SUV - after all, its basic price is twice as high and therefore appeals to more demanding customers high expectations of Audi, such as the plastics that are flattering to the touch and the carpet in the Audi Q3, which is neatly laid right up to the trunk. The well-organized instruments and the functional operation are just as typical. This does not apply without restriction to the assistance systems. The speed limit display recognizes traffic signs only unreliably, and almost never on construction sites. The Blind Spot Assist in the Audi Q3, on the other hand, works well - it lights up the mirror brightly if you risk overlooking a vehicle next to you when changing lanes - and the so-called active lane assist. It corrects the steering when deviating from the right lane.

Audi Q3 with a large selection ofAssistants

The list of electronic helpers is extensive as it is rare in this class. There is a parking assistant that automatically feeds the Audi Q3 into the gap, as well as a high beam assistant for the xenon plus headlights including dynamic cornering lights. Audi is also offering a WLAN hotspot with Internet access, including a traffic information service. However, the more expensive models of the brand are reserved for radar-based systems such as automatic distance cruise control.

But even without these features, long-distance comfort is surprisingly high. Apart from its sensitivity to wind on the autobahn, the Audi Q3 is fed up and inconspicuously copes with bumps - at least if, as in the test car, adaptive shock absorbers control the structure (980 euros). As is so often the case, there is no reason to leave the convenient identification in the direction of sport - even when curves beckon. The Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro is happy to give in to its reputation to prove that sturdy compact cars can still turn nimbly and that all-wheel-drive drivers don't have to whimper around the corner with dull understeering.

Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro with 7.9 Liter consumption

The efficiency setting is recommended in everyday life; it combines good comfort with a tuning of the seven-speed dual clutch transmission, which favors the long geared stages. This means that the engine speeds remain low and the two-liter TDI shows its superior torque. So it is hardly noticeable that a diesel slaves under the front hood, especially since Audi cleverly exaggerated the intake noise and thus conceals the nailing. The direct injection engine in the Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro only hums unwillingly at speeds just above idling, for example when rolling around town. There the start-stop function also shows room for improvement - when the engine starts up after the red phase and at the same time vigorously accelerating, the Audi Q3 2.0 TDI starts with a jolt. The so-called sailing, in which the Audi slides as if in idle, works well in the city, on the other hand.

The savings efforts result in an average consumption of 7.9 liters per 100 kilometers, with values ​​below six Let liters be realized. Most buyers are likely to opt for the 6,900 euros cheaper and possibly even more economical two-liter TDI with 140 hp. It has to be switched by hand and therefore only rolls with two-wheel drive. But it has long been a truism that mountaineering skills do not play a role in the SUV class. The Audi Q3 is less intended to charm the dairyman than the city dweller. He demonstrably succeeded in doing this during the practical test. The Audi Q3 handles the hauling of shopping bags with flying colors - and it also packs away modern sports equipment.


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