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Armored Incas Cadillac Escalade Chairman VIP Edition

Spezialbetrieb Inkas has introduced the armored Chairman VIP Edition of the Cadillac Escalade. This is where massage seats, night vision cameras, satellite TV and a gun cabinet come together.

You can't buy that secure feeling of security? Spezialbetrieb Inkas traditionally sees things differently and underscores this claim with a new product line. The Canadian company can now upgrade the current Cadillac Escalade to the "Chairman VIP Edition". If you book the package, you will get your Caddy with BR6 armor (defense against 7.62mm assault rifle projectiles and up to two DM51 hand grenades) and a luxuriously designed interior.,

Despite the appearance as a rolling fortress, the interior should appear airy. To do this, Inkas raises the roof by five centimeters and imitates natural daylight with a new type of roof lining lighting. Ambient lighting, a hi-fi system with 19 loudspeakers, a large TV screen and leather chairs with massage, ventilation and heating functions complete the lounge atmosphere. Of course there is also a bar on board. A large number of the functions can be controlled via a touchscreen in the console between the two individual seats in the rear. Opposite them, Inkas places two smaller fold-out seats in case there are guests on board.

V8 petrol engine or three-liter diesel

In addition to the already extensive equipment of the package, there are also some additional extras on offer. These include satellite reception, a 360-degree camera, night vision cameras, light signal systems, a siren, loudspeakers to the outside world and a lockable gun cabinet in the interior. The Cadillac colossus is moved by the well-known 6.2-liter V8 with 426 hp, which the manufacturer couples to a ten-speed automatic. Alternatively, diesel fans can use the three-liter Duramax turbo diesel. Inkas counteracts the additional weight caused by the upgrades with a reinforced suspension and an additionally stiffened chassis.,

If you like what you have just read, the following information will certainly make you even happier: Even if the current Escalade is not officially available in Germany , Inkas promises a worldwide delivery to all major ports or, on request, a transfer by air freight.,


Special supplier Inkas armors the current Cadillac Escalade and expands the interior in a particularly luxurious way. The Canadians call the package the Chairman VIP Edition and promise customers worldwide delivery.


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