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Alpine GT X-Over: electric crossover coming in 2025

The Renault subsidiary Alpine announces a purely electrically powered crossover model in the C segment based on the new Allianz CMF EV platform. Now a first Erlkönig has been caught.

Renault is entering the segment of sporty crossover models with electric drive via its subsidiary Alpine. The compact model, dubbed the Alpine GT X-Over, will be produced at the Alpine plant in Dieppe from 2025. The French carmaker announced this on Friday (January 28, 2022). Now a first Erlkönig has been caught, which, however, still hides its technology under a modified bodywork of a Dacia Duster.

CMF-EV platform with up to 290 kW

The newly developed CMF-EV platform from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance provides the technical basis for the Alpine GT X-Over. The Renault Mégane E-Tech is currently the first Renault model to be launched on the Common Module Family Electric Vehicle platform. The Nissan Ariya that has already been presented is also based on this platform. Both models then also provide the first cornerstones for the upcoming Alpine GT X-Over. In the Mégane eVision, the platform offers a 60 kWh battery in the vehicle floor, which can be quickly charged with a charging capacity of up to 130 kW. The range should be around 470 kilometers. The electrical drive power is 160 kW. ,

The CMF-EV in the Nissan offers a battery of up to 87 kWh, which enables ranges of up to 500 kilometers. In addition, the platform in the Ariya optionally offers two electric motors with a total output of up to 290 kW and 600 Nm of torque. Two engines also mean all-wheel drive. These are data and features that would definitely fit an Alpine. ,


A purely electrically powered compact crossover from Alpine with up to 290 kW of power and all-wheel drive would go well with the brand and image. The Alpine GT X-Over starts in 2025.


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